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More Wedding Talk

30 Mar

My last wedding post described our Venue.  Once we had our date set and the Venue booked I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I was so excited to move on to the next thing.  I just had to figure out what exactly was next…

Since so many venues were quickly being booked we knew we wanted to make sure we figured out which vendors we wanted to book for the things that were most important to us.

  1. Venue
  2. Photographer
  3. Food!

Since I was planning to pay for the photographer myself it was my job to find someone who I knew would be able to capture what we were looking for out of our wedding photos.  I did a TON of research and really looked to my favorite wedding blogs for help.

I reached out to photographers all over the country since many will travel, but budget was also a big factor since it was all on me.  Eventually I came across a photographer on  She was located in Alexandria, VA and I was really impressed with the photos she had her blog.  They were very artsy and nontraditional.

I immediately sent an email out and she sent back pricing.  I had this terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that it was going to cost a fortune since her work was similar to other photographers that I had reached out to that were way out of my price range.  I was absolutely thrilled to find out that I could actually afford her!!

Trevor and I set up a meeting to go see her in Virginia right away.  She was an absolute peach:)  After the meeting we both knew that we found our girl!  A few months later, in September (around the same time our wedding would be a year later), we had our Engagement Session on the Chesapeake Therapeutic Riding Farm in Abingdon, MD.  Here are just a few of our favorites…what do you think?!


Guest Bathroom Upgrades

30 Mar

We really wanted to try and make the guest bath different and do something fun with it.  We decided to go with a beachy shabby chic look and paint the room in white and soft green stripes.  We put up a white shower curtain with crystal like hooks and added beachy accessories.  We also upgraded all of the basic fixtures including the towel bar, towel hooks and toilet paper holder.

Our biggest project for this space was the cabinets under the sink.  We decided to try crackling, to really give that shabby chic affect.  Considering it was the first time either of us had attempted to do this, we thought it turned out pretty well!  I’ll be adding further details on how you can do this and some tips from our experience on the DIY page:)


29 Mar

It’s been a few days, I know!  I’ve been working on gathering some pictures of our completed house projects to add some more color to my posts:)  But I don’t want to lose rhythm so I’m going to move on and I’ll be sure to add pictures soon.

After completing the larger, more time consuming projects on our house we started to gather ideas on what we wanted to do next.  Since the major living areas felt more like “new”, the next thing we wanted to update and give a fresh feel to were our bathrooms.

The 1/2 bath on the main floor didn’t need much, just a coat of paint, some artwork and new fixtures for the hand towel and toilet paper…easy!  The bathrooms upstairs were another story.  They both had linoleum flooring and the cabinets and sinks are all original to the house as well as the light fixtures and mirrors.  We needed some major upgrades!

We started with Master Bathroom since we would be using it more often:)   Luckily I happen to have a very handy fiance who knows a lot of the basic remodeling skills needed for most of our projects, including how to lay tile!  We picked out inexpensive, neutral tile from Lowe’s and Trevor had it down by the end of a weekend.  It looked AMAZING!  Since we bought enough for both bathrooms upstairs he did the guest bath as well.  I was such an inexpensive way to make the whole bathroom look like new.

After the floor was in we knew that replacing the sink and cabinetry was not in our budget so we decided to paint the cabinets instead.  We went with a chocolate brown and added new silver handles.  We then created a frame to go around the large mirror that the builders put in.  It made the mirror look custom and more modern, the frame was also painted chocolate brown to match the cabinets.

We replaced the old builder model light fixture as well as the other fixtures so everything looked fresh.  It all made such a difference and I couldn’t be happier with the finish product!  Now if I could just get Trevor to let us put in a new shower:)

The guest bathroom involved a lot of painting!  I’ll be back to tell you more…

Move in day!

23 Mar

Today’s post is my first house post!  Looking back 3 years ago I can still remember the first day the house was officially ours.  We didn’t actually move in for a couple weeks because we wanted to do a few projects right away without anything in the way.

We immediately ripped out the old carpet in the family room, the stairs to the 2nd floor and basement and in the Master bedroom.  Trevor and his brother put down laminate floors in the family room and we worked on picking out new carpet for the other spaces.

While the guys were working on the floors we had lots of help getting most of the rooms painted.  Thank you to our parents!  (We also have vaulted ceilings upstairs, so this is not an easy task)

The Master Bedroom and the 2nd bedroom were purple so those were changed immediately, soft green in the Master and a bluish/gray in what would be our office.  The 3rd bedroom went from yellow to sky blue, the family room from bright green to a soft green and the kitchen from maroon to almond.  We also painted the Master Bathroom and the hallway bathroom, all in a matter of 2 weeks!  I thought I would never paint again…boy was I wrong:)

After the floors were done and most of the painting was out of the way we were ready to pack up and move in!  We rented a U-Haul and stuffed everything we could to bring 7 miles down the road from where our parents live to our new house! (Our parents live in neighborhoods just down the road from each other)

Trevor and I both really love the area we grew up in, so we knew when we wanted to buy our first house it would be close to home.  Also considering we were 22 when we bought our house, being near family in case of home owner emergencies has been a plus!

The first 2 weeks were exhausting but also exciting, it was great to see things come together.  Until next time –

Our Venue

21 Mar

Now for more on our reception site!  We are holding our reception at the Evergreen Museum & Library in Baltimore, Maryland.  Trevor and I are THRILLED!  We knew we wanted a location that was unique and had a lot of character.  We also had a lot of other things in mind (look at my previous post for more tips on this!) and the Evergreen was able to offer all of the really important things to us.  

This is a picture of the main house.

Our reception will be held in the Carriage House, which is located on the grounds next to the main house.   The Carriage House has a permanent tent area that seats up to 170 people.  The tented area opens up to a large wood floor room, the entrance to this space includes 3 large brick archways which really opens up the space and adds character.  The carriage room/dance floor leads into the wood-paneled horse stalls which is where cocktails will be served and our photobooth will be stationed, say cheese! 

This picture shows the tented area of the Carriage House.

From the beginning…

18 Mar

So much has happened since Trevor proposed, so I’ll start from there.  Trevor and I had discussed marriage several times over recent years, especially after we decided to move in together.  So I knew eventually a proposal would be coming, I just didn’t know when.

Starting a couple years ago I’ve been fortunate enough to attend several weddings of my close friends and a couple family members too!  At this point I was able to start gathering ideas of what I wanted my wedding to be like.  Mainly the type of location I wanted, if I preferred sit down or buffet, the general things.

Me & Trevor at our friends outdoor wedding, it was hot, but we had a great time!

Aren't her centerpieces beautiful! I loved the look and feel of this wedding and knew I would incorporate some of the same concepts.

We knew we wanted to have our wedding either Spring or Fall of 2011.  We wanted to try and incorporate the outdoors and we definitely wanted a location that was unique.  I would have to say finding our reception location has been the hardest part of planning so far!  At first we considered having our wedding in the Outerbanks since it has so much meaning to us, but the thought of planning everything from a far seemed too stressful to me.  After visiting several venues in the Baltimore area we finally chose The Evergreen Museum & Library.  Our reception will be held in the Carriage House (more on this to come!).  There are so many venues out there and they all have different things to offer.  Here are some tips to help you narrow down your location choices.

  • What is your venue budget?
  • Do you want to have your ceremony & reception in the same location?
  • Estimate your guest list, this will play a large roll when choosing your venue!
  • Do you want indoor or outdoor or both?
  • Check different resources, don’t rely solely on wedding magazines, ask your friends!  Sometimes the best locations are ones that are not marketed as much as others
  • What time of year are you looking to get married?  Are you willing to budge if your date isn’t available?  If you have a date in mind before you meet with venue coordinators, be prepared that several other brides are interested in your date too!  Make sure you are ready to either change your date or put a deposit down right away before it’s taken by someone else
  • Make a list of what is important to you when it comes to your venue, list everything is priority so you know what you are willing to budge on, what do you want?

Food on site vs. Caterer
Outdoor Space
On-site Coordinator
Look & Feel (Rustic Barn vs. Ballroom)
Rentals vs. On-site tables/chairs/tent/etc.
Selective Vendor List
Reception Hours
Photo Opportunities
Heat/Air Conditioning
Plan B Option for Rain


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