Move in day!

23 Mar

Today’s post is my first house post!  Looking back 3 years ago I can still remember the first day the house was officially ours.  We didn’t actually move in for a couple weeks because we wanted to do a few projects right away without anything in the way.

We immediately ripped out the old carpet in the family room, the stairs to the 2nd floor and basement and in the Master bedroom.  Trevor and his brother put down laminate floors in the family room and we worked on picking out new carpet for the other spaces.

While the guys were working on the floors we had lots of help getting most of the rooms painted.  Thank you to our parents!  (We also have vaulted ceilings upstairs, so this is not an easy task)

The Master Bedroom and the 2nd bedroom were purple so those were changed immediately, soft green in the Master and a bluish/gray in what would be our office.  The 3rd bedroom went from yellow to sky blue, the family room from bright green to a soft green and the kitchen from maroon to almond.  We also painted the Master Bathroom and the hallway bathroom, all in a matter of 2 weeks!  I thought I would never paint again…boy was I wrong:)

After the floors were done and most of the painting was out of the way we were ready to pack up and move in!  We rented a U-Haul and stuffed everything we could to bring 7 miles down the road from where our parents live to our new house! (Our parents live in neighborhoods just down the road from each other)

Trevor and I both really love the area we grew up in, so we knew when we wanted to buy our first house it would be close to home.  Also considering we were 22 when we bought our house, being near family in case of home owner emergencies has been a plus!

The first 2 weeks were exhausting but also exciting, it was great to see things come together.  Until next time –

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