29 Mar

It’s been a few days, I know!  I’ve been working on gathering some pictures of our completed house projects to add some more color to my posts:)  But I don’t want to lose rhythm so I’m going to move on and I’ll be sure to add pictures soon.

After completing the larger, more time consuming projects on our house we started to gather ideas on what we wanted to do next.  Since the major living areas felt more like “new”, the next thing we wanted to update and give a fresh feel to were our bathrooms.

The 1/2 bath on the main floor didn’t need much, just a coat of paint, some artwork and new fixtures for the hand towel and toilet paper…easy!  The bathrooms upstairs were another story.  They both had linoleum flooring and the cabinets and sinks are all original to the house as well as the light fixtures and mirrors.  We needed some major upgrades!

We started with Master Bathroom since we would be using it more often:)   Luckily I happen to have a very handy fiance who knows a lot of the basic remodeling skills needed for most of our projects, including how to lay tile!  We picked out inexpensive, neutral tile from Lowe’s and Trevor had it down by the end of a weekend.  It looked AMAZING!  Since we bought enough for both bathrooms upstairs he did the guest bath as well.  I was such an inexpensive way to make the whole bathroom look like new.

After the floor was in we knew that replacing the sink and cabinetry was not in our budget so we decided to paint the cabinets instead.  We went with a chocolate brown and added new silver handles.  We then created a frame to go around the large mirror that the builders put in.  It made the mirror look custom and more modern, the frame was also painted chocolate brown to match the cabinets.

We replaced the old builder model light fixture as well as the other fixtures so everything looked fresh.  It all made such a difference and I couldn’t be happier with the finish product!  Now if I could just get Trevor to let us put in a new shower:)

The guest bathroom involved a lot of painting!  I’ll be back to tell you more…

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