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The Royal Wedding!

29 Apr

The day is finally here!  Congrats to William & Kate, now also known as the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge.  Kate is only living every little girls dream today, she is marrying her Prince, and he really IS a Prince!

I wasn’t up at 4am, but I was up at 5:30 for the gym and I was able to catch the motorcades and the beginning of the ceremony.  Once I made it into the office we were able to replay the broadcast of the whole event in our “party” room.

We set up our laptops, poured the mimosas, dug into some muffins and sat in aw while we watched.

Oh and we totally planned to wear our own “Fascinators” as they call them.  We were really in the Royal Wedding spirit!  But of course, we were also working very hard;)

I was SO excited to see what Kate would decide to wear.  She went with a design by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen.  It was stunning!  She looked just like a modern version of Grace Kelly.

Her sister Pippa’s dress, also designed by Sarah Burton, was beautiful.  It looked like the dress was a bit difficult to get around in, but other than that, I thought it was perfect for her.

On to the details!  Kate decided to wear the Cartier ‘Halo’ Tiara and a hand-embroidered veil.  I thought both pieces were simple and elegant.  Her earrings, a gift from her mum, coordinated so well!

You can find out more about each of her accessories and where you can get look-a-likes in your budget from 🙂

One of my favorite things about a real “London Affair” are the fascinators!  I really wish we would pick up on this trend here in the US.  I would be rockin’ my fascinator for every event!  Here are some of my favorites, as well as some that I would give a big thumbs down too…

Carole Middleton - Thumbs up!

Marie-Chantal, Princess of Greece - Thumbs up!

Beatrice & Eugenie, cousins of William - Thumbs down 😦

The Queen - Thumbs up! Of course!!

Sophie, Countess of Wessex - Thumbs up!

Sophie, Countess of Wessex - Thumbs up!

There were SO many to see!  I could go on for pages, but I won’t bore you:)  If anyone wants to have a fascinator/hat party, I’m there!!

The accessories were not everything of course.  There were so many other things I was excited to see this morning.  Including exchanging of the vows, they both remained so calm and graceful.  I fear I could be an utter mess on my big day…I tend to cry a lot:)

The wedding party, a small party filled with so many cute faces:)  How adorable are these little girls and the boys in their uniforms!

And last but not least, what the world was waiting for all morning….The Kiss!  Congrats again to the happy couple.  I can’t wait to see all of the reception pictures start popping up online:)



27 Apr

I feel extremely lucky to be marrying a man who happens to be very talented when it comes to DIY projects.  So many of our home updates have been possible thanks to Trevor!

When we first started planning our wedding we knew we wanted to try and incorporate some DIY projects, not only to save money, but to make our wedding feel more like “us”.

As you know many of the ideas I have gathered have been pulled from the thousands of pictures I have looked at over the many wedding blogs I read.  One idea that really stuck out to me was having the flower centerpieces placed in wooden boxes.

I thought this idea was so cute and unique.  I also like how it gives the table a rustic feel.  Here are some of my favorites from other weddings.

When I discussed this idea with Trevor he immediately suggested I leave it to him to build the boxes.  We want the boxes to flow with the overall look of our reception decor/location.  We initially bought a stack of wood from Home Depot and planned to stain the wood to give it an older/worn look.

But, as luck would have it, we found out a family friend who owns a farm just bought a new piece of land and tore down the old barn that was on the property.  He offered up wood from the barn for free!

So our project was off too a great start, being that we didn’t have to hassle with trying to make new wood look old (if you do want to get some tips on how to do this, a similar project  was recently featured on one my favorite blogs,  We were also able to save even more money and return the stack of wood and wood stain to Home Depot.

Old Barn Wood

After setting up his measurements and checking them twice 😉  Trevor was cutting each piece for us to make 14 10″x10″ square boxes.

Normally it’s my job to make sure the wood is being held steady before he pulls down the saw, but as much as I love that job (not really!)  I was with my mom taking a sneak peak at my wedding gown.  Fortunately, Trevor was able to manage without me 😉  and our semi-finished product looks like this…

I say semi- finished because we still need to nail them all together and add the bottoms.  But you get the idea!  I think they turned out really well.  Of course flowers will only make them look even better.  Thank you again to my future husband!  Another project to add to the portfolio:)

The weekend continued…

25 Apr

It was so nice to cross off some wedding “to do’s” on Saturday!  We are almost at the 4 month mark and this summer is going to be crazy, so the more we can get done now, the better.

Saturday evening was spent with friends, margaritas and guacamole!  Only my three favorite things:)

My Maid of Honor was actually in town for the weekend, she lives in Florida with her fiance and decided to surprise her family by showing up at 1:30am on Thursday…and how did she surprise them?  By having her best friend pick her up from the airport, yes, that’s me!

Which can explain why I needed that nap so badly on Friday after work:)  It was so great to see her!  I was happy to do it.

Sunday morning came too early.  Trevor and I were up at 8 preparing our appetizers for Easter dinner later that evening and then rushing out the door to church.  We don’t attend church as often as we should, but we made sure to make an appearance for Easter Sunday.

After church we were off to my parents house for a holiday lunch with my family.  So much good food!  Ham, turkey, fruit, macaroni and cheese, shrimp salad….best of all, carrot cake!

mom, grandma, me & my sister

After feasting we sat outside on the deck, it was gorgeous!  We were serenaded my dad and my cousin Danny who was in town from NY.  The pair are actually going to be singing an acoustic version of In My Life by the Beatles as our first dance:)  I’m so excited to have family involved in making our day special.

Danny is in a band, Anyday Cult, they play big gigs all over the US, but mainly in NY.  My dad has been in a band his whole life and hearing him play music is one of my greatest memories while living at home.  He plays the piano and the guitar and has a pretty good singing voice too:)

After lunch at my parents, Trevor and I were off to his brothers for Easter dinner.  Sharing our time can be hard, but it was important for us to be with both families.

We brought deviled eggs and prosciutto and phyllo wrapped asparagus as the appetizers, they were both yummo!

This was the first family dinner Trevor’s brother Gavin, and his wife Emily, have had in their new home (ps- they just moved in last week!).  They did such a great job, all of the food was fantastic and we had a great time!

Happy (belated) Easter!

25 Apr

I love holidays!  It’s the perfect excuse to get together with family and/or friends, catch up and eat awesome food!  Before the holiday festivities on Sunday our weekend was jammed pack with activities.

Friday, Trevor was off work and luckily we were let out early to get a head start on the weekend.  After a much needed nap and even more needed workout I headed to parents house to meet my new baby cousin.  Well he is really my cousins baby, so I guess that makes him my second cousin, either way he is ADORABLE!

Trevor spent the night out catching up with our friend Erik and we headed in around midnight so we could get a good night sleep before our busy Saturday.

We were up early on Saturday, I managed to sneak in a quick 30 minute strength training session before showering and picking up my mom.  We were off to Betsey Robinson’s to see my wedding dress!!  It’s FINALLY in, after 8 long months of waiting.  I was so nervous to see it mostly because I tried the dress on in Ivory but I decided to order it in white.

I can’t show any pictures of my dress until after the wedding, but here is one of me and my mom at the bridal salon.

Can’t wait for my first fitting in July!  Things I didn’t know about fittings/alterations (some are obvious, I know) :

  1. You need to have the undergarments you plan to wear the day of
  2. You also need to have the shoes you plan to wear the day of
  3. With some dresses there is more than 1 option for a bustle, you get to choose!  (This just sounds like added pressure, I hate making decisions!  Hopefully it will be an easy one:))
  4. You can have velcro put inside your dress so your undergarments don’t slide out for an appearance:)  Some tailors can also sew in undergarment, so make sure you ask!

While we were ooohhhing and ahhhhing at my gown, Trevor was working hard on his latest project for our big day.  I’ll have a post on this later!

After the salon, my mom and I headed to the mall for some quick errands.  One of my errands was to pick up a Bridal Shower gift for my future mother-in-law to give at a shower is attending.  The future bride is registered at Pottery Barn so we were there browsing through the registry to find the glass jars the couple wanted for their bathroom.  During this process I also managed to pick out about 100 other things I want to add to my registry!  Pottery Barn just knows their stuff!

Save the date!

22 Apr

About a month ago we sent out our save the dates.  We originally were not going to do a save the date to save some money instead:)  But after our Engagement pictures came back from our photographer I had the itch to want to share them with everyone!  So we decided to choose a picture to use for our save the date.  We also used a picture for our Christmas card, which I thought turned out to be really cute:)

There are SO many options our there when it comes to choosing your save the date.  You can DIY, thanks to sites like, who offer free downloads like this one-You can find more of their options here –

You can also find save the dates that are personalized to you, printed, and shipped to your door thanks to sites like,,, and so many others!

Our photographer  happens to also be a graphic designer, so we decided to have her come up with something clever and use one of our Engagement photos.  We decided to do a postcard…less paper!

She gave us a few options to choose from, including a more traditional save the date that matched our invitations and something fun and different.  I think she knows me all too well:)  We decided to go with fun and different!

Office Space

19 Apr

Along with our new and improved guest room, we did a little re-design in our office as well.  In my previous post you can see the new closet space, thanks to my handy fiance:)  We kept the black desk in place, mostly because it’s so heavy we wouldn’t dare to move it.  I’m pretty sure it will stay with the house when we move!

The desk was given to us by some family friends

The floral chair is from IKEA, I bought this a few months ago, it really gives the room a pop factor!  Also pictured here is our very old desktop that will hopefully be replaced with a macbook:)  A small canon printer, IKEA vase with fake flowers on the left; and a mini mouse picture frame, high school mug and IKEA lamp on the right.  We love IKEA:)

More storage!

We used to have an IKEA bookcase in this room, but it was the color birch, so it really looked out of place.  I think it also made the room feel smaller.  To replace the bookshelf with another source of storage we hung these white shelves (you can also see the same on in our guest room) from…guess…IKEA!  We’ve organized files and magazines, mainly wedding magazines:) in the organizers on the top shelf.  We stored pens, markers, and other crafty tools in mason jars on the lower shelf.

Ta da!

For other files, wedding stuff, etc. we have white boxes stacked underneath and on top of an old table from my parents that I painted white.  The window is covered with a roman shade from Pottery Barn, another hand-me-down thanks to my mom:)  The room isn’t quite finished though…I still need Trevor’s help hanging our College Diploma’s and a really cool picture collage piece I’ve had that I found at the Pottery Barn outlet.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with how the room turned out.  It’s bright and fresh and I feel much more organized!  Now I just need that new computer and life will be complete…well maybe not life…but at least my office will be:)

Moving on

17 Apr

In an effort to live for today and not dwell in the past I’ve decided to keep my posts current and to include any past projects in other sections of my blog.  Trevor has been very good as reminding me that I’ve been slacking on this new effort to tell the world our story.  So I’m going to work harder to make sure I’m being consistent!  As I move forward I will make sure I revert back to decisions that have already been made in order to keep you up to speed with all of the details.

My most recent project has been to “finish” decorating our guest bedroom and to re-organize our office.  First step, we re-did the closets.  Both rooms have small closets and everything was being stored on those flimsy wire racks/shelves.  We decided to gut them out, re-paint and build our own shelving to make the closets fit our needs.  Check it out!

Office - Extra space for Trevor since I take up most of the space in our Master Bedroom closet:)

Storage is KEY when you live in a townhouse.  You also want to make sure you are taking advantage of every nook and cranny in each room with out filling it so much the room looks cluttered.  For our guest room, we purchased a white shelf to hang over the full sized bed from IKEA.  As you can tell from the spread of pictures I have on the bed I’m working on figuring out what I what to put in frames and add to my shelf:)

Bare shelf:(

Before this project the room was a little cluttered with a high dresser and large round end table (another thing I need to work on would be “before” and “during” pictures!  I can only remember to take the “after”!).  We removed these pieces and just added a smaller dresser to function both as an end table and set of drawers.  The dresser is from my future mother-in-law:)  We painted it white and added these really cute glass knobs.

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