What shall we eat?

1 Apr

Next up on our list, FOOD!  Now, I wouldn’t say Trevor and I are major foodies, but we do love to try new things and be adventurous at times.  We really wanted to make sure we were thinking outside of the box when it came to our wedding menu.

First step, we had to meet/speak with the approved caterers for our Venue.  This was not the best experience for me.  About half of the contacts took forever to get back to me or would have different people contact me every day asking the same questions that I had already answered, very frustrating!

Looking at price and customer service alone we were able to narrow down our options to two.  We met with both caterers and instantly knew who we wanted to pick:)

The first caterer had a lot of very impressive pictures, but we felt like we were just another wedding to them.  There was no feeling that they wanted to be personally involved, not to mention that the bill was going to be a little out of our range.

The second caterer we met with impressed me right off the bat.  They showed us immediately that we were a top priority and they would do everything in their power to make our day special.  Their prices were great and they offered a free tasting, which wasn’t an option anywhere else.  So our next step was to put together some options and test them out!

We met for the second time with our parents and enjoyed an amazing feast!  Everything was so great and we were able to narrow down most of our selections.  I don’t want to spoil what will be on the menu for all of our guests, so I’ll post everything with pictures after the wedding:)  The basic breakdown looks like this-

To Start-  5 passed h’ordeuvres & 4 stationary h’ordeuvres

Sit Down Dinner-  salad/bread, 3 entrée choices, 2 sides

The Happy Ending-  Dessert Table!

Make sure when you are meeting with your Vendors you are asking all the questions that are important to you.  Our Venue doesn’t offer any “day of” help so I needed a caterer who knew the grounds and was willing to help get everything set up and make sure all of my other Vendors were ready to go.  I know I can count on our Caterer to do all of these things and it really has been a pleasure to work with them.


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