Moving on

17 Apr

In an effort to live for today and not dwell in the past I’ve decided to keep my posts current and to include any past projects in other sections of my blog.  Trevor has been very good as reminding me that I’ve been slacking on this new effort to tell the world our story.  So I’m going to work harder to make sure I’m being consistent!  As I move forward I will make sure I revert back to decisions that have already been made in order to keep you up to speed with all of the details.

My most recent project has been to “finish” decorating our guest bedroom and to re-organize our office.  First step, we re-did the closets.  Both rooms have small closets and everything was being stored on those flimsy wire racks/shelves.  We decided to gut them out, re-paint and build our own shelving to make the closets fit our needs.  Check it out!

Office - Extra space for Trevor since I take up most of the space in our Master Bedroom closet:)

Storage is KEY when you live in a townhouse.  You also want to make sure you are taking advantage of every nook and cranny in each room with out filling it so much the room looks cluttered.  For our guest room, we purchased a white shelf to hang over the full sized bed from IKEA.  As you can tell from the spread of pictures I have on the bed I’m working on figuring out what I what to put in frames and add to my shelf:)

Bare shelf:(

Before this project the room was a little cluttered with a high dresser and large round end table (another thing I need to work on would be “before” and “during” pictures!  I can only remember to take the “after”!).  We removed these pieces and just added a smaller dresser to function both as an end table and set of drawers.  The dresser is from my future mother-in-law:)  We painted it white and added these really cute glass knobs.


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