Office Space

19 Apr

Along with our new and improved guest room, we did a little re-design in our office as well.  In my previous post you can see the new closet space, thanks to my handy fiance:)  We kept the black desk in place, mostly because it’s so heavy we wouldn’t dare to move it.  I’m pretty sure it will stay with the house when we move!

The desk was given to us by some family friends

The floral chair is from IKEA, I bought this a few months ago, it really gives the room a pop factor!  Also pictured here is our very old desktop that will hopefully be replaced with a macbook:)  A small canon printer, IKEA vase with fake flowers on the left; and a mini mouse picture frame, high school mug and IKEA lamp on the right.  We love IKEA:)

More storage!

We used to have an IKEA bookcase in this room, but it was the color birch, so it really looked out of place.  I think it also made the room feel smaller.  To replace the bookshelf with another source of storage we hung these white shelves (you can also see the same on in our guest room) from…guess…IKEA!  We’ve organized files and magazines, mainly wedding magazines:) in the organizers on the top shelf.  We stored pens, markers, and other crafty tools in mason jars on the lower shelf.

Ta da!

For other files, wedding stuff, etc. we have white boxes stacked underneath and on top of an old table from my parents that I painted white.  The window is covered with a roman shade from Pottery Barn, another hand-me-down thanks to my mom:)  The room isn’t quite finished though…I still need Trevor’s help hanging our College Diploma’s and a really cool picture collage piece I’ve had that I found at the Pottery Barn outlet.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with how the room turned out.  It’s bright and fresh and I feel much more organized!  Now I just need that new computer and life will be complete…well maybe not life…but at least my office will be:)


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