Save the date!

22 Apr

About a month ago we sent out our save the dates.  We originally were not going to do a save the date to save some money instead:)  But after our Engagement pictures came back from our photographer I had the itch to want to share them with everyone!  So we decided to choose a picture to use for our save the date.  We also used a picture for our Christmas card, which I thought turned out to be really cute:)

There are SO many options our there when it comes to choosing your save the date.  You can DIY, thanks to sites like, who offer free downloads like this one-You can find more of their options here –

You can also find save the dates that are personalized to you, printed, and shipped to your door thanks to sites like,,, and so many others!

Our photographer  happens to also be a graphic designer, so we decided to have her come up with something clever and use one of our Engagement photos.  We decided to do a postcard…less paper!

She gave us a few options to choose from, including a more traditional save the date that matched our invitations and something fun and different.  I think she knows me all too well:)  We decided to go with fun and different!


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