Happy (belated) Easter!

25 Apr

I love holidays!  It’s the perfect excuse to get together with family and/or friends, catch up and eat awesome food!  Before the holiday festivities on Sunday our weekend was jammed pack with activities.

Friday, Trevor was off work and luckily we were let out early to get a head start on the weekend.  After a much needed nap and even more needed workout I headed to parents house to meet my new baby cousin.  Well he is really my cousins baby, so I guess that makes him my second cousin, either way he is ADORABLE!

Trevor spent the night out catching up with our friend Erik and we headed in around midnight so we could get a good night sleep before our busy Saturday.

We were up early on Saturday, I managed to sneak in a quick 30 minute strength training session before showering and picking up my mom.  We were off to Betsey Robinson’s to see my wedding dress!!  It’s FINALLY in, after 8 long months of waiting.  I was so nervous to see it mostly because I tried the dress on in Ivory but I decided to order it in white.

I can’t show any pictures of my dress until after the wedding, but here is one of me and my mom at the bridal salon.

Can’t wait for my first fitting in July!  Things I didn’t know about fittings/alterations (some are obvious, I know) :

  1. You need to have the undergarments you plan to wear the day of
  2. You also need to have the shoes you plan to wear the day of
  3. With some dresses there is more than 1 option for a bustle, you get to choose!  (This just sounds like added pressure, I hate making decisions!  Hopefully it will be an easy one:))
  4. You can have velcro put inside your dress so your undergarments don’t slide out for an appearance:)  Some tailors can also sew in undergarment, so make sure you ask!

While we were ooohhhing and ahhhhing at my gown, Trevor was working hard on his latest project for our big day.  I’ll have a post on this later!

After the salon, my mom and I headed to the mall for some quick errands.  One of my errands was to pick up a Bridal Shower gift for my future mother-in-law to give at a shower is attending.  The future bride is registered at Pottery Barn so we were there browsing through the registry to find the glass jars the couple wanted for their bathroom.  During this process I also managed to pick out about 100 other things I want to add to my registry!  Pottery Barn just knows their stuff!


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