The weekend continued…

25 Apr

It was so nice to cross off some wedding “to do’s” on Saturday!  We are almost at the 4 month mark and this summer is going to be crazy, so the more we can get done now, the better.

Saturday evening was spent with friends, margaritas and guacamole!  Only my three favorite things:)

My Maid of Honor was actually in town for the weekend, she lives in Florida with her fiance and decided to surprise her family by showing up at 1:30am on Thursday…and how did she surprise them?  By having her best friend pick her up from the airport, yes, that’s me!

Which can explain why I needed that nap so badly on Friday after work:)  It was so great to see her!  I was happy to do it.

Sunday morning came too early.  Trevor and I were up at 8 preparing our appetizers for Easter dinner later that evening and then rushing out the door to church.  We don’t attend church as often as we should, but we made sure to make an appearance for Easter Sunday.

After church we were off to my parents house for a holiday lunch with my family.  So much good food!  Ham, turkey, fruit, macaroni and cheese, shrimp salad….best of all, carrot cake!

mom, grandma, me & my sister

After feasting we sat outside on the deck, it was gorgeous!  We were serenaded my dad and my cousin Danny who was in town from NY.  The pair are actually going to be singing an acoustic version of In My Life by the Beatles as our first dance:)  I’m so excited to have family involved in making our day special.

Danny is in a band, Anyday Cult, they play big gigs all over the US, but mainly in NY.  My dad has been in a band his whole life and hearing him play music is one of my greatest memories while living at home.  He plays the piano and the guitar and has a pretty good singing voice too:)

After lunch at my parents, Trevor and I were off to his brothers for Easter dinner.  Sharing our time can be hard, but it was important for us to be with both families.

We brought deviled eggs and prosciutto and phyllo wrapped asparagus as the appetizers, they were both yummo!

This was the first family dinner Trevor’s brother Gavin, and his wife Emily, have had in their new home (ps- they just moved in last week!).  They did such a great job, all of the food was fantastic and we had a great time!

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