27 Apr

I feel extremely lucky to be marrying a man who happens to be very talented when it comes to DIY projects.  So many of our home updates have been possible thanks to Trevor!

When we first started planning our wedding we knew we wanted to try and incorporate some DIY projects, not only to save money, but to make our wedding feel more like “us”.

As you know many of the ideas I have gathered have been pulled from the thousands of pictures I have looked at over the many wedding blogs I read.  One idea that really stuck out to me was having the flower centerpieces placed in wooden boxes.

I thought this idea was so cute and unique.  I also like how it gives the table a rustic feel.  Here are some of my favorites from other weddings.

When I discussed this idea with Trevor he immediately suggested I leave it to him to build the boxes.  We want the boxes to flow with the overall look of our reception decor/location.  We initially bought a stack of wood from Home Depot and planned to stain the wood to give it an older/worn look.

But, as luck would have it, we found out a family friend who owns a farm just bought a new piece of land and tore down the old barn that was on the property.  He offered up wood from the barn for free!

So our project was off too a great start, being that we didn’t have to hassle with trying to make new wood look old (if you do want to get some tips on how to do this, a similar project  was recently featured on one my favorite blogs,  We were also able to save even more money and return the stack of wood and wood stain to Home Depot.

Old Barn Wood

After setting up his measurements and checking them twice 😉  Trevor was cutting each piece for us to make 14 10″x10″ square boxes.

Normally it’s my job to make sure the wood is being held steady before he pulls down the saw, but as much as I love that job (not really!)  I was with my mom taking a sneak peak at my wedding gown.  Fortunately, Trevor was able to manage without me 😉  and our semi-finished product looks like this…

I say semi- finished because we still need to nail them all together and add the bottoms.  But you get the idea!  I think they turned out really well.  Of course flowers will only make them look even better.  Thank you again to my future husband!  Another project to add to the portfolio:)


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