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Happy Birthday!

25 May

I absolutely LOVE birthdays.  Today, my husband to be turns 26!  To start his day off on the right foot, I quietly made my way to Dunkin’ Donuts early this morning to surprise him with a hot coffee and chocolate sprinkled donut, with a candle to blow out of course!

Trevor decided to open one gift this morning and save the rest for tonight, so I handed him his “gag” gift 🙂

Trevor LOVES biscuits and gravy, so when I saw this dishtowel on House8810 I just had to get it for him.  Side note, along with this fun gift, I also purchased 300 grey and white striped straws to have by the bar at our wedding, aren’t they so cute?!

We both had to work today, so to help make the work day move a little faster we decided to leave the office for lunch.  Using Baltimore’s finest mode of public transportation, we hopped on the Water Taxi (it’s free!) and made our way across the harbor for some yummy pizza from B.O.P..

FYI- B.O.P. has been featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives 🙂  If you are ever in the area you should definitely check it out!

After work we are headed to my parents house for some crabs and beer out on the deck.  Crabs are the ultimate summer feast for us Marylander’s, so we’re excited!  My Aunt and cousin are also in town for the night from New Jersey so it’s a definitely a treat for them as well.

Only a couple hours until the work day is over and the celebrating resumes 🙂  Happy Birthday Trevor!

I also wanted to write a quick update on some new additions I added to the house this weekend.  Trevor was out of town for the weekend for our friends Bachelor party so Friday night I stayed busy by wandering around Target and Marshall’s…Never a good thing since I manage to always find something I just have to have 🙂

At Target, I finally picked up a white matted frame for my recent Etsy purchase.  I still need to figure out what else I want to add to fill in the shelf space in our office, but this is definitely a start!

After picking up a few other necessary items (including birthday cards, father’s day cards and wrapping paper), I made my way to Marshall’s.  I really love Marshall’s, but I have to say I am THRILLED that we will be getting a Home Goods in our area soon!  A discount store dedicated to home accessories, furniture and the like is heaven to me 🙂

Even with the small selection at our Marshall’s I still managed to pick up a great find!  Check out the white retro fan I found a spot for in our guest room.  I would love to have this in our kitchen where I can really show it off, but we just don’t have the space for it anywhere.

You can find the exact same thing at places like Amazon for $50 and up.  So I was pretty excited when I found it for only $29.99 at Marshall’s.

While it’s not my ideal location for it, I think it adds a little something to the guest room.  Looking good!


DIY Programs

24 May

Last night Trevor and I started working on our programs for the ceremony.  I’m trying to knock off as many projects as I can since this summer is going to be crazy!  My inspiration for our programs came from here.

You can see step by step instructions as well as the supplies used.  Below are some tips for finding the supplies and some replacements I used.


  • A7 Folded Cardstock (she suggests A2 but I thought that was way too small!)- I purchased mine from Paper Source
  • Jumbo Popscile Sticks- Paper Source
  • Colored Ribbon- We went with yellow & gray and found the styles we wanted at JoAnn Fabrics & Micheal’s
  • Golf Pencils- Predrilled if you can find them, but I couldn’t, so I bought mine at Staples and turned to my handy fiance for the drilling 🙂
  • Needle with large eye- We just used a bobby pin:)
  • Scissors
  • Double stick tape
  • Corner rounder punch
  • Printer

I created our Word Search & Mad Lib a few months ago, this was really easy to do in Microsoft Word.  I don’t want to give everything away to my guest so here is just a sneak peak 🙂

Some of the words for the Word Search include…





And some of our Mad Lib puzzles…

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Where Trevor proposed

 __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Melissa’s new last name

 __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Trevor & Melissa’s high school mascot

It was really fun trying to come up with puzzles to stump our guests.  Hopefully everyone has fun with it!  Last night we worked on drilling holes into the popsicle sticks (Trevor worked on the pencils a few weeks ago), cutting the ribbon and attaching to both the sticks and the pencils.

He makes everything look so easy 🙂 Once we had the holes we were ready to string through the ribbon!

We got about 35 done, so only 65 more to go!  Of course, this is only one part of project 🙂  But it felt good to get it started!

I Heart Etsy

20 May

About a year ago when I started picking up my first wedding magazines I quickly realized what the buzz about Etsy was all about!  There was always at least one article about great finds from the site.  For those of you who don’t know, Etsy is this amazing marketplace where you can find handmade, vintage and everything in between items.

They have categories like Holidays, Clothing, Paper Goods and Weddings!  I’ve made it habit to turn to Etsy when I’m on the hunt for almost anything, or even when I’m just looking for ideas for projects or gifts.

I purchased my veil from GlamItUpToppers and the flower I’ll be wearing in my hair from Darla’s Blooms.  Etsy allows you to message with the shop owners so you can ask questions about their products and even customize.  I customized my flower and really love the way it turned out!  (Pictures to come after the wedding 🙂 )

Another great feature about Etsy is that when you find a shop or an item that you really love  you are able to save them to your favorites, allowing you to get back them easily if you ever want to make a purchase.  A few things I have saved in my Etsy favorites…

These adorable Yellow & Gray pinwheels from Elizabeth St., thanks to my MOH for finding these!  I wanted to use pinwheels as our cake topper, but Trevor wasn’t loving it, boo 😦  But I may try to incorporate them elsewhere if I can.The yellow ties!  I found this tie about a month ago from RabbitStop.  Trevor wants to wait for the suits to come in before I do anything hasty…But I think ordering  just one to see how it looks in person wouldn’t be so bad?  I’m really diggin’ the shade of yellow and the classic stripe, not to mention the amazing price tag!

I’m sure you will see many more posts that include lots of great finds from Etsy.  And for any fellow brides out there, be sure to check out Wedzu.  It’s a similar concept to Etsy but only wedding related items are sold here.  Happy shopping!

The Groom & His Men

18 May

When Trevor and I started to discuss what we wanted our wedding party to wear he immediately told me he really wanted the guys to wear suits.  We have seen it done before in other weddings where the groomsman will purchase suits instead of renting tuxes.

The cost to rent a tux can range from $150 – $250, and since a lot of companies offer “buy one, get one free” or other group rates on suits, the price to buy a suit can come out to be the same.  A guy can always use a new suit, so why not?

We decided we want the entire wedding party to be in gray and have yellow accents.  The girls with yellow flowers and the guys with yellow ties.

Not only did we need to be weary of the price, but we also wanted to make sure the suits represented the style of our wedding and were the right gray 🙂  This was obviously harder to find than we expected, but after many trips to Jos. A. Bank, Men’s Wearhouse and endless searches online, we finally found it!

A gray 3 piece suit from Men’s Wearhouse.  The price was at our max, but thanks to my cousin who always seems to “have a guy”, we are able to get a deal 🙂  The suit in this picture is about 2 sizes to0 big for Trevor, but you get the idea!  We are also planning to do a brighter yellow for the ties (which I’m still on the hunt for!).  We really like the shade of this gray and how well it goes with the bridesmaid dresses.

Check out our modeling skills 🙂  We also love that it’s a three piece suit, the vest  really spruces up the look and makes it feel dressier.  Our wedding party is almost dressed!  Now I just need to find the right tie…


16 May

Let’s get real for a minute…Getting married is the celebration of finding that special person you want to spend the rest of your life with…Getting married is also the celebration of getting to REGISTER!!

It’s the one time in your life when you get to actual pick out exactly what you want!  The wedding registry concept started back in the early 20’s when a Chicago Department store wanted to provide engaged couples the opportunity to choose the china, silver & crystal they wished to receive.

The idea has obviously evolved 10x over, today you can not only register for china, but you can register for serving dishes, furniture, towels, bedding, you name it!  You can even register for your honeymoon or for donations to a charity you hold close to your heart.  Not to mention this can all be done in your pajamas since most registries are available online.

Friday night, Trevor & I spent the evening at Pottery Barn:)  We were updating our registry since we started it online, but I like to go to the store to actually see things in person.  Our big decision of the night was flatware and every day dishes.  We already picked out a set at Crate & Barrel, but we were having second thoughts.  In the end we decided on…

The Gabriella Dinnerware & Katherine Flatware sets from Pottery Barn!  These place settings really match our style so we thought they were a better fit.  A few other things I’m REALLY excited for…

Towels: Classic PB from Pottery Barn

Kitchen Gadgets: Cuisinart Griddler from Crate & Barrel

Fancy Trash Can: Simplehuman stainless steel can from Crate & Barrel

Of course  I’m excited for all the possible gifts Trevor and I will be so lucky to receive.  These are just a few that I’m crossing my fingers for.  Isn’t it funny how when you get older the things that you want are generally more the things you need🙂  Who get’s excited for a new trash can?!  This girl!

Bridesmaid Dresses

12 May

When I started to think about what I wanted my Bridal party to wear, I really loved the idea of patterned dresses.  Since I’m only have 4 bridesmaids I thought it wouldn’t feel too overwhelming and it would definitely be a different look.

I knew I wanted the dresses to have some gray in them, so as I began to search I realized finding what exactly I wanted in a pattern was going to be VERY difficult.

After searching for a few months, I decided to nix the pattern idea and just go for gray.  In an effort to make things simple and affordable for my bridesmaids, I turned to J.CREW.

Most of my bridesmaids shop there for their every day clothes and even special occasion items anyway, so I knew if I found something there it would be a dress they could wear forever.

One weekend when my mom, sister and I were visiting with my Dad in Atlanta to see my parents new house we decided to make an appointment at the J.CREW Bridal Boutique in Lenox Mall.

I had my sister try on a few different styles and in the end we went with the silk taffeta in aluminum.  My Dad even offered to model a gray suit jacket so we could try to get more of the full affect 🙂

I told each girl they could choose whichever style of the silk taffeta they wanted as long as everyone wore a different style.  Luckily everyone got their first pick, how easy was that?!

Next on my list was shoes, which was not so easy.  I was going back and forth between nude and gray.  I wanted to make sure the shoes were affordable and comfortable and since everyone was going to be wearing a different style dress I thought having everyone in the same shoes would help give a cohesive look.

In the end my maid and honor and I found a great pair of gray pumps  from Target!  They are cheap, comfortable and can totally be worn again.

It was a bit of a struggle to find everyone’s size (my sister is 5’8″ and wear’s a size 10).  But, it just so happens there are several Target’s in my area 🙂  So after a few days of searching, everyone had their shoes.

I told the girls the accessories are up to them, so my work here is done!


11 May

Yesterday was the 4 month mark for our wedding countdown!  It feels like forever ago when Trevor proposed last April, so the idea that we are now just 122 days away is exciting, stressful and nerve wrecking all at the same time!

Our first picture as an engaged couple 🙂

So how do I know there are only 122 days until we say “I do”?  Our wedding website of course!

Building/creating your own wedding website has become extremely popular.  It’s a fun and easy way for you to provide all the information and details about your wedding for your guests.  It’s also a great way to introduce your wedding party, as well as give some background info on you and your fiance for the guests who may not know your story.

Being the internet savvy generation that we are, many couples are even using their wedding websites as a way for their guests to RSVP to their wedding.  Why waste paper and buy ANOTHER stamp when you can click a button?!

There are so many options out there for wedding website templates. is probably the most popular,,, and, which is where I decided to create ours. also offers a lot of other great tools included a monthly checklist, budget tool, seating chart, and more.  I really like the templates they have available to make your own wedding website as well.  You can view our site by going here –

I think my favorite part about our site is the wedding party section.  Yes, your wedding day is all about you and your fiance, but the people who have committed to be in your wedding have done exactly that…made a commitment!  Being in a wedding party is a lot of work, so I love that I can really give a big shout out to everyone and hope they know how much I appreciate all of them 🙂

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