Bridesmaid Dresses

12 May

When I started to think about what I wanted my Bridal party to wear, I really loved the idea of patterned dresses.  Since I’m only have 4 bridesmaids I thought it wouldn’t feel too overwhelming and it would definitely be a different look.

I knew I wanted the dresses to have some gray in them, so as I began to search I realized finding what exactly I wanted in a pattern was going to be VERY difficult.

After searching for a few months, I decided to nix the pattern idea and just go for gray.  In an effort to make things simple and affordable for my bridesmaids, I turned to J.CREW.

Most of my bridesmaids shop there for their every day clothes and even special occasion items anyway, so I knew if I found something there it would be a dress they could wear forever.

One weekend when my mom, sister and I were visiting with my Dad in Atlanta to see my parents new house we decided to make an appointment at the J.CREW Bridal Boutique in Lenox Mall.

I had my sister try on a few different styles and in the end we went with the silk taffeta in aluminum.  My Dad even offered to model a gray suit jacket so we could try to get more of the full affect 🙂

I told each girl they could choose whichever style of the silk taffeta they wanted as long as everyone wore a different style.  Luckily everyone got their first pick, how easy was that?!

Next on my list was shoes, which was not so easy.  I was going back and forth between nude and gray.  I wanted to make sure the shoes were affordable and comfortable and since everyone was going to be wearing a different style dress I thought having everyone in the same shoes would help give a cohesive look.

In the end my maid and honor and I found a great pair of gray pumps  from Target!  They are cheap, comfortable and can totally be worn again.

It was a bit of a struggle to find everyone’s size (my sister is 5’8″ and wear’s a size 10).  But, it just so happens there are several Target’s in my area 🙂  So after a few days of searching, everyone had their shoes.

I told the girls the accessories are up to them, so my work here is done!


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