I Heart Etsy

20 May

About a year ago when I started picking up my first wedding magazines I quickly realized what the buzz about Etsy was all about!  There was always at least one article about great finds from the site.  For those of you who don’t know, Etsy is this amazing marketplace where you can find handmade, vintage and everything in between items.

They have categories like Holidays, Clothing, Paper Goods and Weddings!  I’ve made it habit to turn to Etsy when I’m on the hunt for almost anything, or even when I’m just looking for ideas for projects or gifts.

I purchased my veil from GlamItUpToppers and the flower I’ll be wearing in my hair from Darla’s Blooms.  Etsy allows you to message with the shop owners so you can ask questions about their products and even customize.  I customized my flower and really love the way it turned out!  (Pictures to come after the wedding 🙂 )

Another great feature about Etsy is that when you find a shop or an item that you really love  you are able to save them to your favorites, allowing you to get back them easily if you ever want to make a purchase.  A few things I have saved in my Etsy favorites…

These adorable Yellow & Gray pinwheels from Elizabeth St., thanks to my MOH for finding these!  I wanted to use pinwheels as our cake topper, but Trevor wasn’t loving it, boo 😦  But I may try to incorporate them elsewhere if I can.The yellow ties!  I found this tie about a month ago from RabbitStop.  Trevor wants to wait for the suits to come in before I do anything hasty…But I think ordering  just one to see how it looks in person wouldn’t be so bad?  I’m really diggin’ the shade of yellow and the classic stripe, not to mention the amazing price tag!

I’m sure you will see many more posts that include lots of great finds from Etsy.  And for any fellow brides out there, be sure to check out Wedzu.  It’s a similar concept to Etsy but only wedding related items are sold here.  Happy shopping!


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