Go, Go, Go!

6 Jun

The weekend FLEW BY!!  Our Friday night get together was a success, we had a huge spread of yummy food and I think everyone had a good time.

Saturday started bright and early as I had to be at the local High School by 7:15 to proctor the SAT’s.  I managed to make my way through 3/4 of Catching Fire, book #2 in the Hunger Game series.  I am loving these books, they really just keep you on the edge of your set!

I was home by 1:30 to grab some lunch before heading to the mall to continue my wedding shoe search with my mom.  I had no luck in the shoe department but managed to pick up a new bathing suit for the Honeymoon!  Now I just have to save up for that gorgeous cover up to match 🙂

After shopping we headed to my venue to meet with the caterer and florist.  The caterer was setting up for another wedding that evening and wanted me to see the space all set up.  The bride of this wedding has excellent taste:)  I even managed to get a couple ideas for my own reception!  I loved her centerpieces, if only peonies were available in September 😦

I knew I wanted to put something in the window sills of the dance floor area, but hadn’t decided yet.  This bride placed large hurricane glasses with candles and moss, I love this!  (sorry for the dark pic)

My florist came up with some other great ideas that we’ll be adding to the space.  It was so exciting to be there and start picturing how everything will come together.

Since we were in the area, my mom and I decided to stop by the church where we will be having our ceremony.  The church was closed so we couldn’t go inside but we took a few snapshots of the outside for fun 🙂

Saturday night we stayed in.  I had to rest up for the Bel Air Town Run on Sunday!  The town run is  a 5K run or 1 mile fun run/walk.  This was my first year participating and while the weather wasn’t at it’s best it was still a lot of fun!  It was a quick event though, Trevor and I had to make it to church by 10 and the race started at 8.

I ran most of the race with my friend Katie.  We had trained together for the Baltimore 1/2 marathon.  I always forget my iPod so she is used to me talking her ear off 🙂  I finished the race in 27:45, not too shabby!

After crossing the finish line we quickly drove over to my parents so I could shower and get a bite to eat before church.  Trevor and I are not frequent church go’ers so my priest asked us to try to make it when we can so we could schedule our pre-marital classes.  We have our first class scheduled for this Thursday so we’ll see how it goes!

I was completely wiped after church, but we decided to run a couple errands to see if we could pick up any props for our Photo Booth that we’ll be having at the wedding reception.  I’m on the hunt for some fun hats, maybe a feather boa or two and whatever else we can find.  On our first prop shopping trip we managed to pick up some pretty cool shades 🙂

These didn’t make the cut, but they came close…

Trevor and I are heading to the beach this weekend so we hope to find some goodies on the boardwalk!  I can’t wait for the beach!!  I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks, so I’m crossing my fingers this week goes by faster than the weekend did 🙂

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