A simple “thank you” for your guests

8 Jun

I’m not exactly sure when the tradition started, but something that wedding guests always look for now-a-days are favors.  A little something from the bride and groom to say thanks for coming!  Out of all the weddings that I have been to the favors have included…

– M&M’s (packaged up in many different ways)

– Hershey kisses in a box that said…It all started with a kiss!  (so cute)

– Wine (large and mini bottles)

– A donation to a favorite charity (this has also been very popular, I have such kind friends!)

When Trevor and I started thinking about what we wanted to have as our favor I immediately turned to things that I could put together myself 🙂  My first list of ideas included….

Cupcakes in jar

Homemade jam

Honey from a local farm

Pancake mix from scratch

All of my ideas obviously had something to do with food 🙂  But they were also something I could either purchase locally or add to my DIY project list.  I was dead set on narrowing down our favors to one of these options…until…

I discovered Photo booths!  If you read my last post you saw that I mentioned Trevor and I shopping for photo booth props.  That’s because as our “favor” to our guest we’ll have a photo booth at our reception!  Everyone can take home as many pictures as they like.  Trevor and I will also get a copy of all the pictures taken on a CD.

I found out how much fun photo booths are thanks to events I’ve been to for work.  Photo booths have been super popular and I managed to find a company that can travel to Baltimore and is not over the top expensive.

Here I am with some of my co-workers at an event, having props obviously makes it so much more fun 🙂

I am super excited to have a photo booth at our reception!  I hope all of our guests enjoy it and most importantly let loose and have fun with it!  It will definitely be interesting to see some of the pictures that are taken later in the evening 🙂

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