Meeting with your minister

17 Jun

Last night Trevor and I met with Father Mark, the minister at my church.  When I was younger, my parents were really involved with our church and we would go on a regular basis up until around the time I started middle school.  Since then, we’ve been more of a Christmas/Easter family.

I don’t want to speak too much to my religious beliefs/habits because I don’t want to offend anyone!  But just wanted to give a little run down on how our meeting went last night 🙂

Father Mark is new to our church so he doesn’t know my family from when we were regulars 😉 and he obviously doesn’t know Trevor either.  It was great to be able to sit down with him and tell him a little about us and our relationship.  We talked about how we met, what we do for a living and about buying our house.

After getting to know us a bit, we decided to go over the actual wedding ceremony since Trevor and I have never seen it.   Surprisingly of all the weddings we have attended, none have been an Episcopal wedding.

Going through the process made me really excited for our ceremony.  I also feel more relaxed about it now that I know what to expect.  We’ll have 2 more meetings with Father Mark and we have some decisions to make, like choosing our readings.  We’ll be saying our vows before we know it!

After the meeting Trevor and I had to make a pit-stop at Micheal’s and Party City to pick up supplies for a few bachelorette party projects.  Tomorrow I’ll be downtown to celebrate my friend Jane’s final fling before the wedding bells ring!  (I know, super cheesy).  I’m really excited and hope she likes everything we have planned.  I’ll recap more on this next week, don’t want to give anything away to the bride to be 🙂

While I was running around the store like crazy trying to find my supplies, Trevor kept himself occupied with all of the balloons floating around.  He started walking around the store with this one, I don’t think he realized it was a 1st Birthday balloon 🙂  I’m surprised the giant display of candy behind him wasn’t grabbing his attention more than the balloons!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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