Celebration Weekend – Part 1

21 Jun

This weekend was full of celebrations!  Starting off with Friday, we celebrated my Dad’s birthday and Father’s day.  Crabs were on the menu!  Along with lots of unique beers and a sundae bar for dessert 🙂  The picture below is just a small portion…We had a whole bushel and of course Trevor & I were the last one’s left picking!

Here is the birthday boy with his birthday balloon 🙂

Instead of a cake we decided to do a sundae bar.  Maryland crabs are steamed in old bay so afterwards something cold and sweet is mandatory!   My sundae was fantastic!

While we were going to town on dessert my Dad was also opening his gifts.  Me, Trevor, my Mom, Brother and Sister decided to do one big gift that would cover Dad’s birthday and father’s day.  So what did we get him?  Drum roll please….

The New iPad2 of course!  As my Dad made clear a few weeks ago, “it’s the #1 gift for Father’s Day this year” 😉  He was pretty excited and was glued to thing for the rest of the night.  My Dad is a bit of a Mac geek so we know he really appreciates a gift like this.  But not as much as we appreciate him 🙂  My Dad really is the best and I couldn’t thank him enough for all of his love and support.  It was great to spend time and celebrate with him!

Celebration weekend continues with Part 2 coming up!



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