Celebration Weekend – Part 2

22 Jun

Today has been a crazy day and there is so much to share, but I want to post about the rest of my weekend first!  Saturday we celebrated Jane’s last night out as a “single” lady 🙂

For Jane’s Bachelorette Bash we booked 2 hotel rooms in in the city and made reservations at one of Baltimore’s hot spots, Pazo and then planned to hit the bars.

Myself and Jane’s MOH Elizabeth headed to the hotel early to check-in and decorate before Jane and the rest of the girls arrived.  There were lots of streamers, a “pin the junk on the hunk”, and of course we had lots of yummy snacks and cocktails!

As I mentioned last week, I was buying supplies for a craft project for this event…Bachelorette Cups!

These were super easy to put together.  I picked up the pick cups at Party City for $0.43 each.  Bought some zebra ribbon and pink feathers, and with the help of a glue gun and a permanent marker the cups were together in no time!

Once the bride and the rest of the girls arrived we poured some cocktails and had a little lingerie shower for Jane.  She got some really cute stuff for her honeymoon!  After a couple games, including a questionnaire with a video of Jane’s husband-to-be 🙂  We made our way down a few blocks for some more cocktails and AMAZING tapas at Pazo.

Cheers to Jane!!  It was our first cheers of the night…with  many more to come 🙂

We had a few tapas samplings at Pazo then hit the town for a bar crawl in an area called Fells Point.  Jane wanted to do a shot and/or drink at every bar. We didn’t quite make it to every bar in Fells, but we had a great time trying!  By midnight Jane was ready to show off her dance moves so we hopped in a cab to an area called Canton.

After about an hour of shimy and shakin’ we were hot and gross and needed some air.  So we decided to finish the night at a bar with some outdoor seating.  We even managed to make a few friends 🙂

Shortly after our photo shoot with the fireman we picked up two pizzas and made our way back to the hotel.  Overall it was a great night!  Most importantly Jane had a lot of fun.  Only 24 more days until her wedding and I’m so excited to be a part of it!


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