Wedding Madness Begins!

23 Jun

Yesterday was such a crazy day!  I was feeling a little like this…

It started early with a text from my mom at 8am…one of my family members found out that we were not giving them a +1 and they were not happy about it.

Coming up with your wedding guest list is hard!  Not only do you have to decide who you want to invite, but you also have to decide who can bring a guest.  Who am I to judge if my friend will still be with her “boyfriend of the month” 3 months from now?

Trevor and I went into it knowing not everyone will be happy with our decisions, but all we can do is make our decisions based on how much space and budget we have, and who is most important to us.

Everyone’s situation is different, but here are a few tips from some of the experts if you need help 🙂

Next up, the suits.  We finally got everyone sizes together and went to order the suits and they are no longer available!!  Trevor sent me the bad news yesterday afternoon over email and I wanted to just delete the email and pretend it wasn’t true!

I know, this probably isn’t the biggest deal ever.  But it took us SO LONG to decide on the right color gray we wanted our groomsman to wear.  Not only that, but we originally picked out a suit with a vest, you can see here in one of my earlier posts, and there are no longer ANY light gray suits with vests available at Men’s Wearhouse.

Again, not the biggest deal, I know our guys will look great in anything they wear.  Vest or no vest it will work out fine, it’s just another decision we have to make.  I’ll be sure to fill you in on the suits we pick, but to avoid jinxing (yes, I’m 25 going on 7 🙂 ) myself I’m going to wait until we actually have them ordered!

Last on my list of trouble, I got a call from my mom when I got home from Field Hockey about our hotel.  We’ve blocked rooms at one of the hotels near our venue and will have a shuttle running all night so no one will be tempted to drink and drive.

Months ago, my Aunt and my mom booked rooms for my whole family.  Apparently my Aunt forgot about this and went and booked a whole other set of rooms!

I put a call into the Event Director at the hotel, but she isn’t very good about getting back to me, EVER.  So I’m sure this will require many follow ups to get it straightened out, sigh 🙂  So in the words of my mother… “And the madness begins!”

Well, I knew it wasn’t going to be all flowers and sunshine, so if this is the worst that happens I think I’ll be considered lucky 🙂  But if it’s not, I’m ready to take on whatever comes next!

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