Beach Mix

30 Jun

In about an hour Trevor & I will be on the road headed to the Outer banks!  I’m SO EXCITED!  I just love being at the beach, and a whole week off of work is just what the doctor ordered 🙂  I can smell the ocean already…

Things have been super busy for us over the past few weeks between wedding projects/appointments, work, Lax for Trev and Field Hockey for me.  When we get back, things will only start to get busier, so a week in OBX is definitely what we need to recharge!

We’ll be spending the week with some of Trevor’s family, as my family will be packing up for their big move to Georgia.  Trevor’s mom’s family lives in the Midwest so we don’t get to see them very often, it will be nice to catch up with everyone.

We also plan to take advantage of some free labor and put our invitations together 🙂  There are a lot of steps to complete our invitation “suite” so we’re hoping to get everyone in an assembly line and finish them up in a few hours!  I’ll be sure to recap on how this all turns out…I’m sure it will be interesting 🙂

Before we hit the road for the 6 hour drive I had to make sure I put together a new Beach Mix to keep us going!  You need a lot of music for 6 hours, so I won’t list everything….but here are some fav’s, enjoy!

We really like to mix it up if you can’t tell 🙂  Time to wrap things up at the office…OBX here we come!!!

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