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Time to mix it up!

29 Jul

Like most Brides, I’ve been working hard to keep myself in tip-top shape before the big day.  I’m working on eating healthy foods that will keep me fueled for a good work-out.

I thought I would use a post to share some of my favorite work-out routines  in case anyone out there is looking for something to help mix it up!  Disclaimer: I’m not a professional trainer, these are simply from my own experiences and should not be taken as professional advice 🙂

I just started yoga (which I love!) and I play on a field hockey summer league team every Wednesday night, but when I’m in the gym I try to do some cardio and a full body weight work-out.  If I don’t have time, I tend to concentrate more on my arms since I’ll be in a strapless gown.

20 minute Treadmill Workout – get ready to sweat! (at least I do)  I set the treadmill to an incline of 1 or 2 –

Time            Pace

1-3                   6.5

3-5                  30 second sprint intervals

30 sec             7.0

30 sec             7.5

30 sec             8.0

30 sec              8.5

5-6                    6.5 (1 minute recovery)

Repeat 4 more times

18-20               walk at own pace

Obviously make sure you adjust the pace to your own comfort.  Your starting/recovery pace should be a pace that will allow you to recover before the next sprint interval , this is 6.5 for me but might be 5.5 or 7.0 for you!

Favorite Bicep & Tricep Routine (3 sets)

Weight          Workout/Reps

10                       21’s / 7 lower half bicep curl, 7 upper half bicep curl, 7 full bicep curl

15                       seated overhead tricep curl / 15

body                  incline push-up on weight bench / 10-15

body                  tricep dip on weight bench / 10- 15

Favorite Lower Body Routine (3 sets)

Weight              Workout/Reps

10                           lunges/10-15 each leg

15                           sumo squats (wide stance squat) / 15

130                        leg press / 15

30                          calf raises (I do these on the machine) / 15

I hope you find something to help mix up your own routine, or if you have any ideas you would like to share please comment!  When you do the same workouts over and over it gets to feel more like a chore, so I love finding new things to keep me motivated.  Which is one of the reasons I decided to start yoga (and I’m so glad I did!).

My cousin Kelly is staying with me this weekend, she happens to be a personal trainer (which I totally take advantage of!) so we are having a workout session tomorrow morning, I can’t wait to see what new moves she has to show me.  Talk about mixing it up, personal trainers come up with the craziest moves!

It’s going to be a jam packed weekend and I’m REALLY excited.  With so much going non, we’re laying low tonight.  Tomorrow, after our morning sweat session we are going to see my wedding day hair stylist so Kelly can get an idea of how she would like to wear her hair as a bridesmaid in my wedding.  Then we’re off to the mall to try and find a cute dress for my bachelorette party weekend (can’t wait!).  After the mall it’s mani/pedis and then to our friends Joe & Jane’s for game night!

Joe & Jane just got back from their honeymoon so I’m anxious to see them and hear all about it!  I’ve been asked to bring something sweet 🙂  So I’m thinking of whipping up my favorite dessert from Gina’s Skinny Recipes, Pineapple Bliss Cupcakes, YUM!  These are sooooo delicious and so easy to make, definitely my go-to!

Sunday is my Bridal Shower!!!  I’m so excited!  I know my bridesmaids, mom and aunt have been working really hard to put this together so I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.  I’m just so excited to spend some time with all my bridesmaids, friends and family  in one room.  I love how weddings bring everyone together 🙂

On Monday we have our final walk through at our reception venue with the coordinator there and our caterer.  I decided to take off work since they can only do this during normal work hours and it take about 2 hours.  Plus, I won’t feel so bad about that extra glass of sangria I have at my shower knowing I won’t have to get up early 🙂

I’ll have so much to recap on next week…Enjoy the weekend!!



Better After

28 Jul

I can’t believe how quickly July has come and almost gone!  We’ve been so busy but have had such a great month so far.  Quick recap-

    1. Creating and sending our wedding invitations
    2. My make-up trial #2
    3. Meeting with the pianist that will play at our ceremony
    4. Dress fitting #1
    5. Finalizing menu with our caterer

We’ve gotten so much done and it feels great!  After yoga tonight I’m stopping by our florist to give her everything we are supplying her with for the reception (a list of everything can be found here).  It will be great to get all the centerpieces and everything else out of the house.  My “wedding room” was really starting to get crowded 🙂

Since we are getting so close to our big day (44 days to go!) we really haven’t been working on any house projects. So, I wanted to share my new favorite blog with you, if you need some DIY motivation you HAVE to visit Better After.  My friend Katie introduced me to this blog (along with many others) and I’m officially obsessed.  They feature some of the coolest before and after projects.  You can really get some amazing ideas, I hope you enjoy!

Weekend Recap

27 Jul

Yeaahhh, I got my camera back!  Time for the weekend recap 🙂

Saturday morning I headed to Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collections for my first dress fitting.  My entourage included my mom, sister, grandmother and future mother-in-law.  My grandmother and mother-in-law were seeing my dress for the first time so it was really exciting!

The last time I went to see my dress I was having second thoughts, so I was really anxious this time.  When I put the dress on and the seamstress pinned it all up to fit nicely I was so happy with it!  I fell in love all over again 🙂

I brought everything with me, including my earrings and shoes so I could see how everything looked with the dress.  It all came together exactly how I imagined it.  I can’t show you much, but here is a sneaky peak of my shoes!

I just think they look so cute!  They are super comfortable as well so I’m really happy I decided to splurge on these.  After the fitting we headed straight over to the caterers to finalize our menu.  We weren’t expecting it, but we were able to taste a couple additions to our menu, including our salad pick.

A field green salad with watermelon, jicama, crystallized ginger and a citrus vinaigrette.  It was out of this world!!  For fun, the chef paired it with a shot glass of gazpacho, it was so good we decided to include it with our salad for the reception.  Here is what was left of the salad, we finished the gazpacho so fast I wasn’t able to get a picture 🙂

And of course we couldn’t have “lunch” without dessert!  We were reviewing our dessert menu and on the list was mini cannoli’s, my caterer asked if I want the pre-made ones or a “deconstructed” cannoli…I have never heard of this!  So she asked the chef to whip these up for us as well…

Ta-da!  A deconstructed cannoli, and I promise the most amazing dessert you will ever try!  It was so delicious we immediately decided to go with this option 🙂  Trevor was pretty bummed he missed this meeting, but there will be plenty to go around at the wedding.

After a full day of wedding activities I had to get home to work up a second wind.  Saturday night we were celebrating my good friend Katie’s birthday down in Baltimore.

Before heading to the city we had dinner at Sakura the Japanese Steakhouse and then met up with 10 of our friends in Fells Point for a right on the Urban Pirate Ship!   I’m sure your thinking this sounds more like a 7 year old’s birthday party, but I promise, this evening sail around the harbor is for adults only!

About 30 people (21 and older) boarded the ship at 10pm with coolers and koozies in tow.  The ship sails around the Inner Harbor for 1 1/2 hours with a crew that really gets in the spirit 🙂  They provide pirate swag including tatoos and shot glasses to fill with…what else?  Captain Morgan!

This wasn’t just a booze cruise either, their was dance party music, some limbo action and a Conga line!  It was really so much.  If you are ever in the Baltimore area I highly recommend for a night time activity with your friends.  But if a late night out isn’t your style or you are here with family, the Urban Pirate ship sails during the day (alcohol free) and is a great activity for kids as well!


Sunday was a very successful shopping day.  I picked up a few necessities for my honeymoon but I plan to do a whole honeymoon packing post so I’ll save that for later 🙂

Catching up

26 Jul

I have so much to talk about!  But…I left my camera with my mom and posting without pictures is just no fun, so I promise to update you on my weekend tomorrow 🙂

For today I’m going to rewind back a bit.  Last Thursday Trevor and I met with the organist/pianist that works at the church where we are having our wedding ceremony.

Originally Trevor and I wanted our music played on the piano, but the church only has an electric piano so the sound isn’t has robust as a grand piano.  We had him play on the organ and while I wasn’t the biggest fan, it definitely sounded better than the electric piano.  Trevor loved it 🙂

So we made our selections and were able to cross that off our “to-do” list (It’s finally shrinking!).  Here they are!

  • Seating of the Mothers:  To a Wild Rose – MacDowell
  • Processional & Brides Entrance: Canon In D – Johann Pachelbel
  • Recessional:  Rondeau – Jean-Joseph Mouret

On Friday I went with my sister to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : Part 2 – all I have to say is AMAZING!  So bittersweet…I’m sad I don’t have anymore Harry Potter to look forward to, but I thought this last movie was done really well and left me feeling content.

Haha…I know a little dramatic 🙂  Not only am I a big Harry Potter fan, but going to see the movies has been something that my sister and I would do together every year.  I guess now we’ll have to find something else for us to obsess over together!

OK well that’s all I have to catch up on for now.  My weekend recap will be posted tomorrow and I can’t wait to share everything!

Watters & Watters – Oh so lovely!

22 Jul

Today I’m posting my wedding dress inspiration with fellow bloggers on Grey Likes Weddings (one of my favorite wedding blogs!).

I absolutely LOVE my wedding dress and would love to add it as part of my round up, but seeing that I’m still 50 days from my wedding day I don’t think that would be the best idea 🙂  So I decided to use my wedding dress designer to feature many of the other gowns that are similar in style!

What I love about Watters is that so many of the designs have this effortless look about them.  I’m drawn more to the flowy & simple styles and this designer definitely offers a lot in this category.  What is also great is there is the Wtoo line which provides similar looks for much less to brides on a budget!

Credit: Real Simple Magazine


A friend of mine was married last weekend and wore this dress.  See more amazing pictures here!

Credit: Kate Mefford Blog

Credit: My Pintrest Wedding Fashion Board, via

Credit: My Pintrest Wedding Fashion Board, via

Credit: My Pintrest Wedding Fashion Board, via

Getting Organized

21 Jul

First thing first, I want to give a big shout out to one of my best friends, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!!!

Katie and I were roommates in college and have remained close friends ever since.  We’ve been through some of the biggest changes in our lives together, including buying our first homes, getting engaged, and now getting married!

Katie was married to our good friend Nick last September, the picture above is from that amazing day!!  I was honored to be a bridesmaid in her wedding and now I am thrilled to have her be one in mine 🙂

Happy birthday Katie, I hope you have a fabulous day and I’m so excited to celebrate with you on Saturday!  To give you a sneaky peak…Our Saturday night will look a little like this…

Now on to my need to get organized!  There has been so much going on this month I think I almost forgot to stop and take a breath.  I’m starting to schedule my final meetings with my vendors and I need to get myself organized!

First on my list is to get all supplies to my florist.  Including all 15 handmade centerpiece boxes, 3 monogrammed mugs for small arrangements on our guest book table , 6 hurricane glasses with 6 large candles for the window sills, and 2 vases/pots for the side arrangements that will go on the gift table (gotta love IKEA!)

I’ll be dropping all of this off on Monday, so that will be a relief to get all this out of my “wedding room” 🙂  Next up, I’ll be setting up table mock-ups to show my caterer how I want each side table set-up.  We’ll be having a place card/entrance table, gift table, guest book table, and dessert table.  I’m providing the serving dishes for the dessert table which is why I plan to create a mock-up for that.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get these mock-ups done this weekend and box everything up so it’s all organized and ready for my caterer!

But before we get to the weekend, we meet with the pianist at the church this evening to go over the music we would like for him to play at our ceremony.  Trevor and I aren’t really picky about our ceremony music (unlike the reception), we just want it to be as casual and upbeat as possible.  Hopefully the meeting goes well!  I will fill you in tomorrow 🙂


An Easton Wedding – The Wedding Day!

19 Jul

Finally…time to recap on the actual wedding day!  It was a beautiful day in Easton, the perfect day for a wedding 🙂

The bridesmaids and moms all met in Jane’s suite at the Tidewater Inn to get hair and make-up done and just be there for the bride.  The afternoon started with Jane opening her gift from Joe, he got her this beautiful coach bag (Jane’s favorite!)

Joe’s mom joined us shortly after the gift opening and came barring more gifts!  Well not really gifts….but lunch!

As the afternoon went all we all took turns getting our hair and make-up done.  I’m trying to save my pennies, so I just got my hair done, but I have to say I thought we all looked great!

At around 3:30 it was Jane’s turn.  While Jane was getting ready we went down to the lobby to pick up all the flowers, I loved all of the bright yellow!

Brides Bouquet


After all of us were ready to we took some photos in the hotel and then we were in the limo and headed to the Easton Club.  I had my camera with me so I don’t have any pictures of the ceremony but here is me and the bride right before we walked down the aisle 🙂  Didn’t she just look gorgeous?!

The ceremony went quick and thank goodness because I was a mess!!  I couldn’t keep myself from crying.  I think just the whole process of everything and the thought that it will be me and Trevor in a couple months got me all emotional.

After the ceremony we had group pictures outside and then it was party time!  The reception area looked beautiful!  I just loved her centerpieces –

After cutting the cake we dance the night away, it was such a fun night and I’m so happy for Joe & Jane!  I can’t wait to hear all about their trip to Jamaica 🙂

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