Who needs Comcast? I have Trevor :)

14 Jul

What a crazy week it has been and still one more day to go!  Luckily tomorrow I only have a 1/2 and we are also have a Tacobration at work 🙂  Yes, Tacobration is basically a free mexican lunch, but that just doesn’t have the same pizazz as TACOBRATION!!

I took a 1/2 tomorrow because Trevor and I will be driving out to Easton, Maryland for a rehearsal dinner.  In less than two days our very good friends Joe and Jane will become husband and wife!  I’m SUPER excited for them and I can’t wait to recap on their wedding!!

Moving backwards, as I mentioned in my previous post Trevor and I inherited a few items from my parents during their move.  Including, a large rug that goes perfectly in our living room and a 50″ Samsung TV!  I know…we’re pretty lucky 😉

The TV we have had in our living has been going a little haywire, so it was only a matter of time before we were going to have to buy a new one.  So it was great to get one for free and it’s also twice the size!

With that we had to a lot of re-arranging in our living room.  The TV from my parents doesn’t have a stand so we decided to move that TV down to the basement to hang it on the wall since we would be able to secure it better.

We then moved the TV that we had down their up to our living room and have placed it on our brand new TV stand thanks to IKEA 🙂  Doing this forced us to move the TV to another wall with more space and move our couches around as well.  I’m actually REALLY diggin’ the new room!

So our only problem?  We don’t have a cable jack on the wall where we moved the TV.  No big deal, I’ll just call Comcast!  Well…After waiting until 10am for the Comcast guy to show up during his 7am-10am time frame, come to find out he doesn’t have the proper equipment to put a jack where we need it and it requires a skill called “wall fishing” which Comcast no longer does.  Go figure!!

So now, Trevor, my finace/handyman, has turned part electrician and is figuring out how to set up the jack himself.  What would I do without him 🙂

I’ll be sure to add pictures of our new living room tomorrow.  I’m leaving the office a little early today so Trevor can make it to his one on one with our priest at 6.  We are also celebrating my future mother-in-laws birthday tonight at Back Fin Blues.  I’m really excited because I’ve never been, I love trying new places!


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