Let the wedding festivities begin!

15 Jul

In about 2 hours Trevor and  I will be on our way to Easton, MD for Joe & Jane’s wedding weekend!  Trevor and I have known Joe since High School and met Jane in college when she started dating Joe.  6 years later and they are now getting married!  As some of our closest friends, I couldn’t be happier for them.

Joe & Jane on their Engagement night

First up on the wedding festivities is the rehearsal/dinner.  Joe and Jane will be married outside on the lawn of The Easton Club.  After we practice what we need to do for the ceremony tomorrow we’ll head over to the Tidewater Inn for what is sure to be an amazing meal 🙂

The historic inn is located in downtown Easton, a really cute area with lots of restaurants and boutiques.  Since we’re trying to save money we aren’t staying at this gorgeous inn, we’ll be down the road at another hotel, but I’m going to try and explore the area a bit if I can.

Tomorrow the girls will start getting ready around 1pm.  I think I’ve narrowed down how I plan to get my hair done to this Carrie Underwood look…

I haven’t done a side ponytail before, but since I’ve been growing my hair out for my own wedding, now it the perfect time to try it out.

The wedding is tomorrow evening the forecast is 85 degrees and sunny, we couldn’t ask for better weather!  (especially since the highs have been in the 90’s in MD lately)  I’m so excited and I hope Joe & Jane have an amazing day!

Happy Friday everyone:)

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