Weekend Recap

27 Jul

Yeaahhh, I got my camera back!  Time for the weekend recap 🙂

Saturday morning I headed to Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collections for my first dress fitting.  My entourage included my mom, sister, grandmother and future mother-in-law.  My grandmother and mother-in-law were seeing my dress for the first time so it was really exciting!

The last time I went to see my dress I was having second thoughts, so I was really anxious this time.  When I put the dress on and the seamstress pinned it all up to fit nicely I was so happy with it!  I fell in love all over again 🙂

I brought everything with me, including my earrings and shoes so I could see how everything looked with the dress.  It all came together exactly how I imagined it.  I can’t show you much, but here is a sneaky peak of my shoes!

I just think they look so cute!  They are super comfortable as well so I’m really happy I decided to splurge on these.  After the fitting we headed straight over to the caterers to finalize our menu.  We weren’t expecting it, but we were able to taste a couple additions to our menu, including our salad pick.

A field green salad with watermelon, jicama, crystallized ginger and a citrus vinaigrette.  It was out of this world!!  For fun, the chef paired it with a shot glass of gazpacho, it was so good we decided to include it with our salad for the reception.  Here is what was left of the salad, we finished the gazpacho so fast I wasn’t able to get a picture 🙂

And of course we couldn’t have “lunch” without dessert!  We were reviewing our dessert menu and on the list was mini cannoli’s, my caterer asked if I want the pre-made ones or a “deconstructed” cannoli…I have never heard of this!  So she asked the chef to whip these up for us as well…

Ta-da!  A deconstructed cannoli, and I promise the most amazing dessert you will ever try!  It was so delicious we immediately decided to go with this option 🙂  Trevor was pretty bummed he missed this meeting, but there will be plenty to go around at the wedding.

After a full day of wedding activities I had to get home to work up a second wind.  Saturday night we were celebrating my good friend Katie’s birthday down in Baltimore.

Before heading to the city we had dinner at Sakura the Japanese Steakhouse and then met up with 10 of our friends in Fells Point for a right on the Urban Pirate Ship!   I’m sure your thinking this sounds more like a 7 year old’s birthday party, but I promise, this evening sail around the harbor is for adults only!

About 30 people (21 and older) boarded the ship at 10pm with coolers and koozies in tow.  The ship sails around the Inner Harbor for 1 1/2 hours with a crew that really gets in the spirit 🙂  They provide pirate swag including tatoos and shot glasses to fill with…what else?  Captain Morgan!

This wasn’t just a booze cruise either, their was dance party music, some limbo action and a Conga line!  It was really so much.  If you are ever in the Baltimore area I highly recommend for a night time activity with your friends.  But if a late night out isn’t your style or you are here with family, the Urban Pirate ship sails during the day (alcohol free) and is a great activity for kids as well!


Sunday was a very successful shopping day.  I picked up a few necessities for my honeymoon but I plan to do a whole honeymoon packing post so I’ll save that for later 🙂

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