Better After

28 Jul

I can’t believe how quickly July has come and almost gone!  We’ve been so busy but have had such a great month so far.  Quick recap-

    1. Creating and sending our wedding invitations
    2. My make-up trial #2
    3. Meeting with the pianist that will play at our ceremony
    4. Dress fitting #1
    5. Finalizing menu with our caterer

We’ve gotten so much done and it feels great!  After yoga tonight I’m stopping by our florist to give her everything we are supplying her with for the reception (a list of everything can be found here).  It will be great to get all the centerpieces and everything else out of the house.  My “wedding room” was really starting to get crowded 🙂

Since we are getting so close to our big day (44 days to go!) we really haven’t been working on any house projects. So, I wanted to share my new favorite blog with you, if you need some DIY motivation you HAVE to visit Better After.  My friend Katie introduced me to this blog (along with many others) and I’m officially obsessed.  They feature some of the coolest before and after projects.  You can really get some amazing ideas, I hope you enjoy!


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