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The Programs Are Finished!

30 Aug

I feel beyond relieved!  After a long grueling day at the computer on Saturday we managed to print out our programs.  I don’t know what it is, but Trevor and I always manage to find the hard way to do everything!

I had edited all of our programs on my personal computer, but we were printed everything at a family friends since Trevor and I have haven’t joined the 21st Century and bought a printer 🙂 

Everything was going perfectly until I discovered the computer we were printing from didn’t have the same version of Microsoft Word.  So I had to download all the fonts I wanted to use and re-edit everything AGAIN!  After a few hours we were done, now I just hope all of my guests take notice to all these personal touches I’ve made…they will….right?!  Even if they don’t, I’ll notice them and that’s all that matters!

We drove home in terrential down pour as Hurricane Irene made her way into the mid-atlantic.  We made it home safely and were able to complete the final steps on the programs and finish the project!

I love how they turned out, so all the hard work was worth it 🙂  The rest of our weekend was a bit of a drag since Irene caused major flooding and power outages.  We were without power all day Sunday so we decided to start putting together everything we want to pack for our honeymoon.

It was good that we did this so we can pack only what we need and not overpack since we’ll be moving around to a few different locations.  Trevor tends to want to bring his whole closet with him when he goes anywhere 🙂  So I had to keep him focused and pick only what he really needs.  

By Sunday afternoon the sun was out and it turned into a gorgeous day!  We went to Trevor’s parents for dinner and enjoyed our meal out on the deck.  Luckily we were both very tired when we got home, since we didnt’ have any power tv or any other activities/chores weren’t an option and we went right to bed. 

On this weeks agenda I have my final dress fitting and a hair trial (yes, this is my third trial…I have issues!) and Trevor and I are both getting hair cuts.  We only have a couple little details to finalize and then we’ll be all set!  12 days and counting…


Crunch time!

26 Aug

OK, so I’ve been seriously slacking on my posts, I’ve just been super busy!  Between work and putting together the last finishing touches for the wedding it’s been a crazy couple of weeks and only 2 more weeks to go!  So let me put together a little wrap-up of what you’ve missed 🙂

Last week I worked diligently to put together our “must play” and “do not play” lists for our DJ.  I think we’ve finally come to an agreement on what we’ll be walking into for our introductions, one of my favorites from Hall & Oates!

I was also surprised last week by my co-workers with a Bridal Shower!  We had lots of goodies, champagne and wine and they were able to coordinate it so Trevor could come.  We received a very generous gift card to Pottery Barn, woo hoo!  It was so nice to celebrate with everyone from work, especially since we couldn’t invite my whole office to the actual wedding, so I really enjoyed it.

The weekend was jam packed with wedding preparations!  My mom and I organized all of my props and DIY projects that will be featured at the reception.  Everything has a box, with a picture of what is in the box and how it should look set-up as well as a list of what is in the box (we’re very detailed 🙂 ).

While we were organizing, Trevor worked on the table numbers.  We used pieces of slate and he broke them down into small sizes so they can lean up again the boxed centerpieces.  We’ll write each table number on them with chalk.  I really like how these turned out!

After several errands around town, my mom and I put together the Welcome Bags for guests staying at the hotel.  I don’t want to give away what is inside of them, but here is sneak peak-

We definitely got a lot accomplished, but my biggest project for this weekend will be our programs.  I seriously need to get these done!  So hopefully Hurricane Irene will steer clear enough so the power doesn’t go out and we can get everything printed 🙂

In other news…Trevor and I got our Marriage License this morning!  Here is me in front of the Baltimore City Court House – so lovely 🙂 

I promise to give more updates over the next week.  Hopefully I’ll have some programs to show you 🙂  Everyone in the path of Irene, stay dry and stay safe!


Road Trip to Connecticut

18 Aug

After work on Friday I kissed my fiance goodbye as he headed out with his friends for his Bachelor Party weekend.  I have to say the boys did a great job on planning the weekend for Trevor.

Friday night they went to an O’s game and one of the local bars near the stadium, Pickles Pub.  Saturday morning, they took a Bolt Bus up to NYC!  It was a total surprise for Trevor.  They stayed in a very chic hotel in Chelsea and hit up a few good hot spots including The Frying Pan.

They were all VERY tired when they finally made it home on Sunday, but Trevor said he had an awesome time and that’s all that counts!

While the guys were partying all weekend I was road trippin!  Friday night I picked up a friend and fellow bridesmaid and my mom to make the 5 hour drive up to Connecticut for Tori’s Bridal Shower.  The drive was rather uneventful and we luckily didn’t hit ANY traffic!

We made it to CT by midnight and watched a little TV before we hit the hay.  Saturday morning after a good workout and some hotel breakfast (love the make your own omelet stations!)  we headed a few miles down the road to Confetti.

The shower was put together by Tori’s Aunt and she did a wonderful job!  Check out the beautiful centerpieces and cookie favors 🙂  Oh and one of the bridesmaids made us all monogrammed wine glasses, so cute!

You wouldn’t know it from this picture, but the shower was very emotional.  Tori was given a lot of sentimental items from her family members.  If you didn’t know it already you could tell Tori is very loved and has a family that truly supports her and wishes her nothing but happiness 🙂

It was a great day over all!  I was happy that I was able to finally meet all of her bridesmaids and we were even able to start talking about plans for her Bachelorette, she is in for a treat!  I’m so happy for my best friend (and maid of honor!).  11-12-11 will be here before you know it 🙂

My mom and I had to leave right after the shower so we could get home at a decent time.  My sister left for school down in Georgia on Sunday so my mom needed to make sure she was ready to go!  Saturday night looked a lot like this for me…


With Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, and I was a happy girl 🙂  I watched Just Go With It, I thought it was really cute!  It was great to be able to relax a little after my quick road trip.  Sunday morning came quick and I made no mistake to waste the day.  Through the torrential down pour I made my way around town to take care of a ton of returns and other errands I had to run.  I was home by 2 and felt accomplished.

Trevor came home shortly after and we spent the rest of the day mostly lounging.  I also wrapped all of our wedding party gifts and after dinner we met with Tara, a family friend who works for an alcohol distributor and is ordering all of the alcohol for our wedding for us, score!  It was definitely a successful Sunday and an overall great weekend 🙂

23 Days and counting!!

A Sweet Surprise

12 Aug

Wednesday was August, 10th, putting us exactly 1 month until our wedding!  I was welcomed to a sweet surprise when I returned to my desk after enjoying lunch outside on Wednesday…

Flowers!  From my very thoughtful Fiance 🙂  I think the note is what really got to me the most.  It just shows that he planned and put some thought into sending me flowers at work exactly 1 month before our wedding.  I was very surprised and appreciate the beautiful reminder that now sits on my desk 🙂

It’s now Friday, which means 28 days left!  I’ve put together what will hopefully be my last “to do” list, although I’m sure that is wishful thinking 🙂

  • Bridal Shower Thank You’s
  • Send Wedding Schedule to Wedding Party & Vendors (need to get contact #’s)
  • Send Cake Plate Diameters to Iris
  • Ask Uncle Jerry to give Blessing
  • Give readings to Jane & Nick – buy gifts!
  • Finish Programs
  • Marriage Certificate/License
  • Table Numbers
  • Reception Details – signs, photo props, guest book, bathroom baskets (Organize EVERYTHING!)
  • Find Vases for side table at Reception
  • Playlist – finalize with Tom
  • Gifts for Parents & Grandma
  • Put together Welcome Bags & Wedding Party gifts
  • Dance Lessons?
  • Pack for Honeymoon!
  • Seating chart & write names on windows

Not too shabby considering I have a 4 weekends to knock all of this out.  We actually purchased a gift for Trevor’s parents today and have decided to take my Grandmother to dinner as a thank you for paying for our flowers.  So I can scratch those two things off the list!  I’m confident I should have everything done here before September 1st (at least that’s my goal, since I know other things will come up).

Before I get to my list this weekend I have a little road trip to make.  Tonight after work I’ll be heading up to Farmington, CT with my mom and friend/fellow bridesmaid Heather.  Tomorrow is Tori’s Bridal Shower!  If you don’t already know, Tori is one of my best friends and the Maid of Honor in my wedding.  She’ll be getting married this November on the beach in Florida.  I can’t wait for her wedding!

Me & Tori at my Engagement party

But before then we have the pre-wedding festivities of course.  The Bridal Shower tomorrow is being held a restaurant in Connecticut.  I’ll update you on everything when I return.  But I’m really looking forward to getting to know the other bridesmaids since most of them are friends of Tori’s from college.  It should be a fun time!

My sister is getting on plane to head back down to Georgia on Sunday, she starts school Wednesday so it will be a short trip to CT so we can see my sister off.  Lots going on but I still hope to accomplish a few things on my list.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Bachelorette Success!

9 Aug

I think I’ve finally fully recovered from my Bachelorette weekend!!  I had such a great time!

I don’t have very many pictures yet, I left that to my girlfriends (which was very hard since I’m normally a picture taking maniac 🙂 ) But as soon as I get some pictures from them I’ll share.

My Bachelorette weekend was in Ocean City, MD (picture something similar to Jersey Shore without so much hair gel 🙂 ).  My Bridesmaids, cousin and 2 of my best friends celebrated with me and we had a blast!

We got in late Thursday night so we just hung out, drank some wine and watched the Jersey Shore of course 🙂  We had big plans for Friday so we didn’t want to go too crazy.  The morning came quickly and after a nice stroll on the beach, an iced coffee and a bagel to get us energized we popped open some Bud Light Lime and made our way to Seacrets!

For anyone who hasn’t been to Seacrets before, imagine a bar/restaurant/night club along the water with a huge beach bar area as well giant floats and tables in the water.  It’s the ultimate beach bar spot for day or night.  We definitely had our fill here…well a little too much…and spent the rest of the evening re-cooperating with lots of sleep, water and greasy food of course 🙂

Friday night turned into a bust since we went a little crazy during the day.  But I was grateful to wake up Saturday morning feel refreshed!  We spent the whole day on the beach.  It was gorgeous!!  Sunny, breezy, not too hot.

After the beach we were back in our cute condo getting ready like we were back in High School.  Doing each other’s hair and make-up and just having fun!  We accompanied the getting ready process with Beergaritas –  a first for me and I must say delicious!

Beergarita Recipe: 1 pitcher

  • 1 cup of gold tequila
  • 2 cans of bud light lime
  • 1 can of froze limeade

Not exactly a health drink 🙂  But really yummy if you want something refreshing and not too heavy.  Once we were all ready to go out we walked down to Macky’s, another outdoor OC hot spot.  We drank, we danced, we had a great time!  I could not have asked for a better weekend 🙂

Sunday was definitely a lazy day and I didn’t get anything accomplished so I have a very large “to do” that I need to try and tackle asap.  Only 31 days until we say “I DO”!

My Bridal Shower

4 Aug

I have to say…I am a lucky girl 🙂  I had the most amazing Bridal Shower this past weekend.  And I’d like to give a special thanks to Tori, Katie, Kelly & Morgan (my bridesmaids) as well as my Mom and my Aunt Debbie.  My Aunt Debbie was kind enough to host the shower at her home since my parents are now living in Georgia and my Mom did so much to help my bridesmaids put the shower together.  Everything was just beautiful!

My Bridesmaids were so creative and decided to make the Bridal Shower a honeymoon theme, since I’m going to Greece everything was blue and white and all the food was Mediterranean (my favorite!).  Oh and in case you don’t notice, my dress happened to go with the theme perfectly, my mom bought it for me, she is so sneaky 😉

We ate everything from Greek salad, spicy shrimp with feta, to baklava (handmade by Katie).

There was also a gorgeous cake that was my favorite…Carrot cake!  From Yia Yia’s Bakery (Yia Yia is grandmother in Greek!).

The favors were little bottles of olive oil, I really loved this, it fit so well with the theme and it was practical 🙂

I received so many beautiful things!  One of my favorites was this piece of artwork from my Maid of Honor, she had it made by a vendor on Etsy (I’ll have to find out who).  It’s a tree with two love birds and our initials in the trunk.  It also has our wedding date on the bottom.  Such a great memento!

Other little touches include the bride-to-be sign made by Katie and of course the ribbon bouquet, put together by Kelly.  We also played a game where my sister asked everyone 20 questions about me and whoever got the most right won…My bridesmaids obviously answered the most correctly, but right behind them were my mom, Trevor’s mom and my Aunt Debbie 🙂  It was a really fun way to mix up the party!

I could not have asked for a better day!  To round out my pre-wedding festivities we’ll be celebrating my Bachelorette party this weekend.  My bridesmaids (except for my sister) and 3 other friends will be joining us for a girls beach weekend.  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous so I’m really looking forward to it!

Thank you again to my beautiful bridesmaids & my beautiful mom, you have made this experience one that will be impossible to forget 🙂

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