My Bridal Shower

4 Aug

I have to say…I am a lucky girl 🙂  I had the most amazing Bridal Shower this past weekend.  And I’d like to give a special thanks to Tori, Katie, Kelly & Morgan (my bridesmaids) as well as my Mom and my Aunt Debbie.  My Aunt Debbie was kind enough to host the shower at her home since my parents are now living in Georgia and my Mom did so much to help my bridesmaids put the shower together.  Everything was just beautiful!

My Bridesmaids were so creative and decided to make the Bridal Shower a honeymoon theme, since I’m going to Greece everything was blue and white and all the food was Mediterranean (my favorite!).  Oh and in case you don’t notice, my dress happened to go with the theme perfectly, my mom bought it for me, she is so sneaky 😉

We ate everything from Greek salad, spicy shrimp with feta, to baklava (handmade by Katie).

There was also a gorgeous cake that was my favorite…Carrot cake!  From Yia Yia’s Bakery (Yia Yia is grandmother in Greek!).

The favors were little bottles of olive oil, I really loved this, it fit so well with the theme and it was practical 🙂

I received so many beautiful things!  One of my favorites was this piece of artwork from my Maid of Honor, she had it made by a vendor on Etsy (I’ll have to find out who).  It’s a tree with two love birds and our initials in the trunk.  It also has our wedding date on the bottom.  Such a great memento!

Other little touches include the bride-to-be sign made by Katie and of course the ribbon bouquet, put together by Kelly.  We also played a game where my sister asked everyone 20 questions about me and whoever got the most right won…My bridesmaids obviously answered the most correctly, but right behind them were my mom, Trevor’s mom and my Aunt Debbie 🙂  It was a really fun way to mix up the party!

I could not have asked for a better day!  To round out my pre-wedding festivities we’ll be celebrating my Bachelorette party this weekend.  My bridesmaids (except for my sister) and 3 other friends will be joining us for a girls beach weekend.  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous so I’m really looking forward to it!

Thank you again to my beautiful bridesmaids & my beautiful mom, you have made this experience one that will be impossible to forget 🙂


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