Bachelorette Success!

9 Aug

I think I’ve finally fully recovered from my Bachelorette weekend!!  I had such a great time!

I don’t have very many pictures yet, I left that to my girlfriends (which was very hard since I’m normally a picture taking maniac 🙂 ) But as soon as I get some pictures from them I’ll share.

My Bachelorette weekend was in Ocean City, MD (picture something similar to Jersey Shore without so much hair gel 🙂 ).  My Bridesmaids, cousin and 2 of my best friends celebrated with me and we had a blast!

We got in late Thursday night so we just hung out, drank some wine and watched the Jersey Shore of course 🙂  We had big plans for Friday so we didn’t want to go too crazy.  The morning came quickly and after a nice stroll on the beach, an iced coffee and a bagel to get us energized we popped open some Bud Light Lime and made our way to Seacrets!

For anyone who hasn’t been to Seacrets before, imagine a bar/restaurant/night club along the water with a huge beach bar area as well giant floats and tables in the water.  It’s the ultimate beach bar spot for day or night.  We definitely had our fill here…well a little too much…and spent the rest of the evening re-cooperating with lots of sleep, water and greasy food of course 🙂

Friday night turned into a bust since we went a little crazy during the day.  But I was grateful to wake up Saturday morning feel refreshed!  We spent the whole day on the beach.  It was gorgeous!!  Sunny, breezy, not too hot.

After the beach we were back in our cute condo getting ready like we were back in High School.  Doing each other’s hair and make-up and just having fun!  We accompanied the getting ready process with Beergaritas –  a first for me and I must say delicious!

Beergarita Recipe: 1 pitcher

  • 1 cup of gold tequila
  • 2 cans of bud light lime
  • 1 can of froze limeade

Not exactly a health drink 🙂  But really yummy if you want something refreshing and not too heavy.  Once we were all ready to go out we walked down to Macky’s, another outdoor OC hot spot.  We drank, we danced, we had a great time!  I could not have asked for a better weekend 🙂

Sunday was definitely a lazy day and I didn’t get anything accomplished so I have a very large “to do” that I need to try and tackle asap.  Only 31 days until we say “I DO”!


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