A Sweet Surprise

12 Aug

Wednesday was August, 10th, putting us exactly 1 month until our wedding!  I was welcomed to a sweet surprise when I returned to my desk after enjoying lunch outside on Wednesday…

Flowers!  From my very thoughtful Fiance 🙂  I think the note is what really got to me the most.  It just shows that he planned and put some thought into sending me flowers at work exactly 1 month before our wedding.  I was very surprised and appreciate the beautiful reminder that now sits on my desk 🙂

It’s now Friday, which means 28 days left!  I’ve put together what will hopefully be my last “to do” list, although I’m sure that is wishful thinking 🙂

  • Bridal Shower Thank You’s
  • Send Wedding Schedule to Wedding Party & Vendors (need to get contact #’s)
  • Send Cake Plate Diameters to Iris
  • Ask Uncle Jerry to give Blessing
  • Give readings to Jane & Nick – buy gifts!
  • Finish Programs
  • Marriage Certificate/License
  • Table Numbers
  • Reception Details – signs, photo props, guest book, bathroom baskets (Organize EVERYTHING!)
  • Find Vases for side table at Reception
  • Playlist – finalize with Tom
  • Gifts for Parents & Grandma
  • Put together Welcome Bags & Wedding Party gifts
  • Dance Lessons?
  • Pack for Honeymoon!
  • Seating chart & write names on windows

Not too shabby considering I have a 4 weekends to knock all of this out.  We actually purchased a gift for Trevor’s parents today and have decided to take my Grandmother to dinner as a thank you for paying for our flowers.  So I can scratch those two things off the list!  I’m confident I should have everything done here before September 1st (at least that’s my goal, since I know other things will come up).

Before I get to my list this weekend I have a little road trip to make.  Tonight after work I’ll be heading up to Farmington, CT with my mom and friend/fellow bridesmaid Heather.  Tomorrow is Tori’s Bridal Shower!  If you don’t already know, Tori is one of my best friends and the Maid of Honor in my wedding.  She’ll be getting married this November on the beach in Florida.  I can’t wait for her wedding!

Me & Tori at my Engagement party

But before then we have the pre-wedding festivities of course.  The Bridal Shower tomorrow is being held a restaurant in Connecticut.  I’ll update you on everything when I return.  But I’m really looking forward to getting to know the other bridesmaids since most of them are friends of Tori’s from college.  It should be a fun time!

My sister is getting on plane to head back down to Georgia on Sunday, she starts school Wednesday so it will be a short trip to CT so we can see my sister off.  Lots going on but I still hope to accomplish a few things on my list.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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