Road Trip to Connecticut

18 Aug

After work on Friday I kissed my fiance goodbye as he headed out with his friends for his Bachelor Party weekend.  I have to say the boys did a great job on planning the weekend for Trevor.

Friday night they went to an O’s game and one of the local bars near the stadium, Pickles Pub.  Saturday morning, they took a Bolt Bus up to NYC!  It was a total surprise for Trevor.  They stayed in a very chic hotel in Chelsea and hit up a few good hot spots including The Frying Pan.

They were all VERY tired when they finally made it home on Sunday, but Trevor said he had an awesome time and that’s all that counts!

While the guys were partying all weekend I was road trippin!  Friday night I picked up a friend and fellow bridesmaid and my mom to make the 5 hour drive up to Connecticut for Tori’s Bridal Shower.  The drive was rather uneventful and we luckily didn’t hit ANY traffic!

We made it to CT by midnight and watched a little TV before we hit the hay.  Saturday morning after a good workout and some hotel breakfast (love the make your own omelet stations!)  we headed a few miles down the road to Confetti.

The shower was put together by Tori’s Aunt and she did a wonderful job!  Check out the beautiful centerpieces and cookie favors 🙂  Oh and one of the bridesmaids made us all monogrammed wine glasses, so cute!

You wouldn’t know it from this picture, but the shower was very emotional.  Tori was given a lot of sentimental items from her family members.  If you didn’t know it already you could tell Tori is very loved and has a family that truly supports her and wishes her nothing but happiness 🙂

It was a great day over all!  I was happy that I was able to finally meet all of her bridesmaids and we were even able to start talking about plans for her Bachelorette, she is in for a treat!  I’m so happy for my best friend (and maid of honor!).  11-12-11 will be here before you know it 🙂

My mom and I had to leave right after the shower so we could get home at a decent time.  My sister left for school down in Georgia on Sunday so my mom needed to make sure she was ready to go!  Saturday night looked a lot like this for me…


With Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, and I was a happy girl 🙂  I watched Just Go With It, I thought it was really cute!  It was great to be able to relax a little after my quick road trip.  Sunday morning came quick and I made no mistake to waste the day.  Through the torrential down pour I made my way around town to take care of a ton of returns and other errands I had to run.  I was home by 2 and felt accomplished.

Trevor came home shortly after and we spent the rest of the day mostly lounging.  I also wrapped all of our wedding party gifts and after dinner we met with Tara, a family friend who works for an alcohol distributor and is ordering all of the alcohol for our wedding for us, score!  It was definitely a successful Sunday and an overall great weekend 🙂

23 Days and counting!!


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