Crunch time!

26 Aug

OK, so I’ve been seriously slacking on my posts, I’ve just been super busy!  Between work and putting together the last finishing touches for the wedding it’s been a crazy couple of weeks and only 2 more weeks to go!  So let me put together a little wrap-up of what you’ve missed 🙂

Last week I worked diligently to put together our “must play” and “do not play” lists for our DJ.  I think we’ve finally come to an agreement on what we’ll be walking into for our introductions, one of my favorites from Hall & Oates!

I was also surprised last week by my co-workers with a Bridal Shower!  We had lots of goodies, champagne and wine and they were able to coordinate it so Trevor could come.  We received a very generous gift card to Pottery Barn, woo hoo!  It was so nice to celebrate with everyone from work, especially since we couldn’t invite my whole office to the actual wedding, so I really enjoyed it.

The weekend was jam packed with wedding preparations!  My mom and I organized all of my props and DIY projects that will be featured at the reception.  Everything has a box, with a picture of what is in the box and how it should look set-up as well as a list of what is in the box (we’re very detailed 🙂 ).

While we were organizing, Trevor worked on the table numbers.  We used pieces of slate and he broke them down into small sizes so they can lean up again the boxed centerpieces.  We’ll write each table number on them with chalk.  I really like how these turned out!

After several errands around town, my mom and I put together the Welcome Bags for guests staying at the hotel.  I don’t want to give away what is inside of them, but here is sneak peak-

We definitely got a lot accomplished, but my biggest project for this weekend will be our programs.  I seriously need to get these done!  So hopefully Hurricane Irene will steer clear enough so the power doesn’t go out and we can get everything printed 🙂

In other news…Trevor and I got our Marriage License this morning!  Here is me in front of the Baltimore City Court House – so lovely 🙂 

I promise to give more updates over the next week.  Hopefully I’ll have some programs to show you 🙂  Everyone in the path of Irene, stay dry and stay safe!



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