The Programs Are Finished!

30 Aug

I feel beyond relieved!  After a long grueling day at the computer on Saturday we managed to print out our programs.  I don’t know what it is, but Trevor and I always manage to find the hard way to do everything!

I had edited all of our programs on my personal computer, but we were printed everything at a family friends since Trevor and I have haven’t joined the 21st Century and bought a printer 🙂 

Everything was going perfectly until I discovered the computer we were printing from didn’t have the same version of Microsoft Word.  So I had to download all the fonts I wanted to use and re-edit everything AGAIN!  After a few hours we were done, now I just hope all of my guests take notice to all these personal touches I’ve made…they will….right?!  Even if they don’t, I’ll notice them and that’s all that matters!

We drove home in terrential down pour as Hurricane Irene made her way into the mid-atlantic.  We made it home safely and were able to complete the final steps on the programs and finish the project!

I love how they turned out, so all the hard work was worth it 🙂  The rest of our weekend was a bit of a drag since Irene caused major flooding and power outages.  We were without power all day Sunday so we decided to start putting together everything we want to pack for our honeymoon.

It was good that we did this so we can pack only what we need and not overpack since we’ll be moving around to a few different locations.  Trevor tends to want to bring his whole closet with him when he goes anywhere 🙂  So I had to keep him focused and pick only what he really needs.  

By Sunday afternoon the sun was out and it turned into a gorgeous day!  We went to Trevor’s parents for dinner and enjoyed our meal out on the deck.  Luckily we were both very tired when we got home, since we didnt’ have any power tv or any other activities/chores weren’t an option and we went right to bed. 

On this weeks agenda I have my final dress fitting and a hair trial (yes, this is my third trial…I have issues!) and Trevor and I are both getting hair cuts.  We only have a couple little details to finalize and then we’ll be all set!  12 days and counting…


One Response to “The Programs Are Finished!”

  1. Eurydice Tampol September 6, 2011 at 2:56 pm #

    They look great! I’m just finishing up mine but I only had to do 50.

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