Almost Here

7 Sep

It’s so hard to believe my wedding day is almost here!  I’ve obviously been a little preoccupied as I haven’t been posting much recently.  But, when I return from my Honeymoon I will have plenty to post about!

There are so many details I have yet to share and I can’t wait to post about our trip to Greece as well.  Ahhh…really looking forward to seeing this view in person 🙂

Today is my last day at work, tomorrow I’ll be delivering everything to the reception site, picking up my dress and dropping off our welcome bags at the hotel.  Our rehearsal/dinner is tomorrow night as well.  We wanted to be able to enjoy the evening and have another day to relax before the BIG day.  A few of my friends have done it this way and I highly recommend it if you can 🙂

Friday, I’ll be spending the day with my Bridesmaids!  Mani/Pedi’s in the morning and a Bridal Luncheon in the afternoon.

I’m so excited to see these lovely ladies and get some good quality girl time in.  It’s definitely needed after the busy couple of weeks I’ve had.

The day starts early on Saturday, but I’m more than ready!  Crossing my fingers Hurricane Katia stays off the coast and we’ll have a sunny, dry, beautiful day 🙂

Be back in a couple weeks…


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